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Premiata Forneria Marconi - Storia di un minuto (1972)

Premiata Forneria Marconi - Storia di un minuto (1972)

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Side one

1. "Introduzione"   1:09

2. "Impressioni di settembre"   5:44

3. "È festa"   4:52

4. "Dove... quando... (Parte 1)"   4:10

Side two

1. "Dove... quando... (Parte 2)"   6:01

2. "La carrozza di Hans"   6:45

3. "Grazie davvero"   5:51

Premiata Forneria Marconi Band Members / Musicians

Franco Mussida – electric & acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, mandocello, lead vocals (tracks 1,2,4 and 6), backing vocals

Flavio Premoli – organ, piano, Mellotron, harpsichord, Minimoog, lead vocals (tracks 3 and 7), backing vocals

Mauro Pagani – flute, piccolo, violin, backing vocals

Giorgio Piazza – bass, backing vocals

Franz Di Cioccio – drums, Moog synthesizer, gadgets, backing vocals

Storia di un minuto ("One minute story") is the 1st album of the Italian progressive rock band Premiata Forneria Marconi. It was recorded in Milan and released by the Numero Uno division of RCA Records in Italy. The album topped the Italian album charts after one week from the release – the first time occurrence in the Italian charts up until then.

Storia di un minuto is a progressive rock album with traces of symphonic rock, and borrows influences from a range of genres. Contemporary reviews deemed the album as one of the greatest debuts in the history of prog rock. It includes re-recorded versions of "Impressioni di settembre" b/w "La carrozza di Hans" (previously released as a single). Other songs like "È Festa" (later re-titled as "Celebration") and "Dove... Quando..." went on to become pillars of the band's performances.

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) (translation: Award-winning Marconi Bakery) is an Italian progressive rock band founded in 1970 and which continues to the present day. They were the first Italian group to have success internationally. The group recorded five albums with English lyrics between 1973 and 1977. During this period they entered both the British and American charts. They also had several successful European and American tours, playing at the popular Reading Festival in England and on a very popular national television program in the United States.

Premiata Forneria Marconi Band Members / Musicians

Franz Di Cioccio – drums, percussion, lead and backing vocals (1970–present)

Patrick Djivas – bass, programming (1974–present)

Marco Sfogli – electric guitar (2015–present)

Lucio Fabbri – violin, keyboards (1979–1987, 2002–present)

Alessandro Scaglione – piano, Hammond, Minimoog, keyboards (2012–present)

Roberto Gualdi – additional drums (1999–2002, 2011–present)

Alberto Bravin – additional keyboards, lead and backing vocals (2015–present)

Franco Mussida – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, vocals (1970–2015)

Flavio Premoli – piano, keyboards, Mellotron, Moog synthesizer, lead vocals (1970–1980, 1997–2005)

Mauro Pagani – flute, piccolo, violin, vocals (1970–1976)

Giorgio Piazza – bass (1970–1974)

Bernardo Lanzetti – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1975–1977)

Gregory Bloch – violin (1976–1977)

Walter Calloni – additional drums (1982–1987)

Piero Monterisi – drums (2002–2010)

Demo Morselli – tromba

Vittorio Cosma – keyboard

Premiata Forneria Marconi Discography Full

Studio albums

Storia di un minuto (1972)

Per un amico (1972)

Photos of Ghosts (1973)

L'isola di niente (1974)

The World Became the World (1974)

Chocolate Kings (1975)

Jet Lag (1977)

Passpartù (1978)

Suonare Suonare (1980)

Come ti va in riva alla città (1981)

PFM? PFM! (1984)

Miss Baker (1987)

Ulisse (1997)

Serendipity (2000)

Dracula (2005)

Stati di immaginazione (2006)

A.D.2010 - La buona novella (2010)

PFM in Classic – Da Mozart a Celebration (2013)

Emotional Tattoos (2017)

Live albums

Live in USA (1974, also known as Cook)

In Concerto - Arrangiamenti PFM (1979) (with Fabrizio De André)

In Concerto - Arrangiamenti PFM, Vol 2 (1980) (with Fabrizio De André)

Performance (1981) (1998)

Live in Japan 2002 (2002)

Piazza del Campo (2005)

PFM canta De André (2008)

Live in Roma guest Ian Anderson (2012)

Un Minuto (2014)

Un Amico (2014)

Un'Isola (2014)

A Ghost (2015)

The World (2015)


The Award-Winning Marconi Bakery (1976, Peters International, USA)

Prime impressioni (1976, Numero Uno, Italy) – selections from Storia di un minuto and Per un amico

35... e un minuto (2007, Sony/BMG)

Celebration 1972-2012 (2012, Sony/BMG) – re-issuing of three albums (Storia di un minuto, Per un amico and Road Rarities)

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