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Rare Bird - Born Again (1974)

Rare Bird - Born Again (1974)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side One

Body And Soul 3.12 (Gould, Camm)

Live For Each Other 2.57 (Ashton)

Diamonds 4.09 (Gould, Kelly, Kaffinetti)

Reaching You 3.31 (Gould, Kelly, Kaffinetti)

All That I Need 3.58 (Gould, Kaffinetti, Kelly)

Side Two

Redman 3.50 (Gould, Kaffinetti, Kelly, Curtis, Hall)

Peace Of Mind 5.30 (Gould, Kaffinetti, Kelly)

Harlem 3.25 (Gould, Kaffinetti, Kelly, Camm)

Lonely Street 3.20 (Gould, Kelly, Kaffinetti, Camm)

Last Tango In Beulah 6.27 (Gould, Kaffinetti, Kelly)

Rare Bird Band Members / Musicians

Steve Gould - lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar; electric piano (track 10)

Fred Kelly - drums, harmony vocals, percussion

Dave Kaffinetti - acoustic and electric pianos, harmony vocals, Hammond organ, Korg synthesizer

Andy Rae - Fender bass guitar

Kevin Lamb - harmony vocals (tracks 7, 9)

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