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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Rock Drill (1978)

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Rock Drill (1978)

Tracklist front / back album covers

(i) "Rock Drill" (Alex Harvey, Tommy Eyre) – 6:22

(ii) "The Dolphins" (Harvey, Alistair "Zal" Cleminson, Chris Glen, Hugh McKenna) – 6:10

(iii) "Rock 'n' Rool" (Harvey, Cleminson, Hugh McKenna) – 3:40

(iv) "King Kong" (Max Steiner) – 3:15

"Booids" (Traditional; arranged by Harvey, Cleminson, Glen, Edward McKenna, Eyre) – 1:38

"Who Murdered Sex?" (Harvey, Cleminson, Eyre) – 5:16

"Nightmare City" (Harvey) – 3:48

"Water Beastie" (Harvey, Glen, Hugh McKenna) – 4:50

"Mrs. Blackhouse" (Harvey) – 3:34

"No Complaints Department" (Harvey, Jimmie Grimes; pre-release issue) – 5:03


Sensational Alex Harvey Band Members / Musicians

Alex Harvey – lead vocals, guitar, trumpet

Zal Cleminson – guitar, vocals

Tommy Eyre – keyboards, vocals

Chris Glen – bass guitar, vocals

Ted McKenna – drums, vocals

Guy Bidmead – engineer

David Batchelor – mixing

Peter Higgins, Chris Horler, Chris L. Urca, Ian Dickson, Steve Joester – photography

Sir Jacob Epstein – artwork; torso in metal from the "Rock Drill"

Rock Drill is the 7th studio album by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, which was released in Europe in 1977 and in the UK in 1978. The album includes Tommy Eyre on keyboards; the band's original keyboardist Hugh McKenna was absent due to an internal dispute - however, three songs from the album are co-credited to him. McKenna has since recorded his regrets at the dispute, given what lay ahead in the next five years.

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