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Alisa - Энергия (Energy) (1985)

Alisa (Алиса) - Энергия (Energy) (1985)

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Alisa (Russian: Алиса) is a Russian hard rock band, which is considered one of the most influential bands in the Russian rock movement.

Alisa was formed in November 1983 by bassist Svyatoslav Zadery. The band's name originated from Zadery's nickname. The band's lineup was finally completed in 1984, when new vocalist Kostya Kinchev (real name Konstantin Panfilov) and guitarist Petr Samoylov joined. Their debut album Energia was recorded between 1985 and 1986. Energia was released by the state publishing monopoly Melodiya in 1988 and sold more than a million copies.

The relations between Alisa's two leaders, Kinchev and Zadery, deteriorated, and Zadery left the band. This occurred just one hour before Alisa was to perform at a concert. Kino bassist Igor Tihomirov was asked to replace Zadery for one concert. Later, Zadery created his own band Nateh! (Russian: НАТЕ!, lit. 'Take that!'). Zadery died on 6 May 2011 due to complications from a stroke at the age of 50.

Alisa Band Members / Musicians

Konstantin Kinchev - vocals, additional guitar (1985–present)

Petr Samoylov - bass, backing vocals (1986–present), vocals (1983), guitar, backing vocals (1985—1986)

Dmitri Parfyonov - keyboards, programming, backing vocals, additional guitar (2000–present)

Andrey Vdovichenko - drums (2003–present), ex - N.E.P.

Pavel Zelitskiy - guitar (2018–present)

Alexander Pyankov — guitar (2019—present)

Boris Borisov - vocals, saxophone (1983)

Lyudmila "Teri" Kolot - vocals (1986)

Svetoslav "Alisa" Zadery - bass, vocals (1983–1986)

Pavel "Pol Khan" Kondratenko - keyboards (1983–1988)

Alexander Zhuravlev - saxophone (1987–1988)

Igor "Chuma" Chumychkin - guitar (1988–1993)

Andrey Korolev - keyboards (1989–1993)

Alexander Ponomarev - guitar (1996–1998)

Andrey Shatalin - guitar (1983–1985, 1986-1988, 1989-2003)

Mikhail Nefedov - drums (1983–2003)

Igor Romanov - guitar (2003-2018)

Evgeniy Lyovin - guitar (1998-2019)

Alisa (Алиса) Discography Full

1985 Энергия   Energiya   Energy

1987 Блок Ада   Blok Ada   Block of Hell / Blockade

1989 Шестой Лесничий   Shestoy Lesnichy   Sixth Ranger

1991 Шабаш   Shabash   Sabbath

1993 Для Тех, Кто Свалился с Луны   Dlya Tekh, Kto Svalilsya s Luny   For Those Who Fell from the Moon

1994 Чёрная Метка   Chyornaya Metka   Black Mark

1994 Статья 206 часть 2   Statya 206 chast 2   Article 206 part 2

1996 Jazz   Jazz   Jazz

1997 Кривозеркалье   Krivozerkalye   Through the Crooked Glass

1998 Дурень   Duren'   Stupid

2000 Солнцеворот   Solntsevorot   Solstice

2001 Танцевать   Tantsevat'   To Dance

2003 Сейчас Позднее, Чем Ты Думаешь   Seychas Pozdnee, Chem Ty Dumayesh   It Is Later Than You Think

2005 Изгой   Izgoy   Exile

2007 Стать Севера   Stat Severa   Grace of the North

2008 Пульс Хранителя Дверей Лабиринта   Puls Khranitelya Dverey Labirinta   The Pulse of Labyrinth's Doors Keeper

2010 Ъ   Ъ (Tverdii Znak)   Ъ ( The Hard Sign - Russian Letter)

2011 20.12 (Двадцать Двенадцать)   20.12 (Dvadtsat Dvenadtsat)   20.12 (Twenty Twelve)

2012 Саботаж   Sabotazh   Sabotage

2014 Цирк   Tsirk  Circus

2016 Эксцесс   Ekstsess   Excess

2019 Посолонь   Posolon   Sunwise

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