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Backstreet Girls - Mental Shakedown (1986)

Backstreet Girls - Mental Shakedown (1986)

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Backstreet Girls are a Norwegian rock band. Formed in 1984, they have released 16 albums.

Backstreet Girls Band Members / Musicians

Frank Albin (drums) 2018–present

Petter Baarli (guitar)

Bjørn Müller (vocals) 1987–1991, 1996–present

Gaute Vaag (bass guitar) 2019–present

Tom Kristensen (vocals) 1984–1985

Pål Kristensen (bass guitar) 1984–1999

Arne Aarnes (vocals) 1985–1987

Olle Hillborg (vocals) 1992–1993

Pat Diamond (vocals) 1994

Morten Lunde (bass guitar) 1999–2002

Stein Ramberg (guitar)

Jon Berg (guitar)

Anders Kronberg (vocals)

Bjørn Terje Baarli (drums) 1984–2007

Martin H-Son (drums) 2007–2018

Dan Thunderbird (bass guitar) 2002–2019

Backstreet Girls Discography Full

Mental Shakedown (1986)

Boogie Till You Puke (1988)

Party on Elm Street (1989)

Coming Down Hard (1990)

Let's Have It (1992)

Live - Get Yer Yo-Yo's Out (1993)

Hellway to High (1999)

Boogie Till' You Bleed (2000) - Compilation

Tuff Tuff Tuff (2001)

Black Boogie Death Rock n' Roll (2002)

Sick My Duck (2003)

Shake Your Stimulator (2007)

Don't Fake It Too Long (2008) - Vinyl only. Recorded in 1994.

Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Worse... Here's the Backstreet Girls (2009)

Death Before Compromise" (2014)

Don't Mess with My Rock'n'Roll (2017)

Normal Is Dangerous (2019)

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