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Darkspace - Dark Space I (2003)

Darkspace - Dark Space I (2003)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Dark 1.1" 7:46

2. "Dark 1.2" 11:47

3. "Dark 1.3" 11:37

4. "Dark 1.4" 10:04

5. "Dark 1.5" 13:32

6. "Dark 1.6" 10:20

7. "Dark 1.7" 10:55

Total length:   76:01

Darkspace Band Members / Musicians

Wroth – guitar, vocals

Zorgh – bass, vocals

Zhaaral – guitar, vocals

Dark Space I is the first studio album by the Swiss black metal band Darkspace. It was first released by Haunter of the Dark in 2003 in a limited edition of 500 Digipak CDs. In 2006, it was remastered and re-released by Avantgarde Music in unlimited quantity. In 2014, Avantgarde also released a vinyl version.

"Dark 1.2" contains a sample of HAL 9000 from the film 2001.

Darkspace is a Swiss ambient black metal band from Bern.

Their lyrical themes revolve around space, darkness and cosmic mysticism, and their music features sporadic isolated samples from space-themed films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Event Horizon and Alien.

The band does not title their works; all of their songs bear the name of "Dark" and are differentiated only by two additional numbers, being the album number and overall song number respectively, which are separated by a decimal point. Additionally, all of their albums are titled Dark Space, differentiated only by a Roman numeral indicating order of release; for example, "Dark 1.6" is the sixth overall song from their debut album, Dark Space I. Counter-intuitively, their 4th album is not titled Dark Space IV, but Dark Space III I.

The band's album covers follow a consistent pattern in that their sole features are the band's logo on the top-center, a rectangle on the bottom-right (which varies in size, shape and position) containing vague and ethereal grayscale artwork which differs with each release, and a black background.

Darkspace Band Members / Musicians

Wroth – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (since 1999)

Zhaaral – lead guitar, backing vocals (since 1999)

Zorgh – bass, backing vocals (1999–2019)

Darkspace Discography Full

Studio albums

Dark Space I (2003)

Dark Space II (2005)

Dark Space III (2008)

Dark Space III I (2014)


Dark Space -I (2002, 2012)

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