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Eddie Cochran - Singin' to My Baby (1957)

Eddie Cochran - Singin' to My Baby (1957)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "Sittin' in the Balcony"   1:58

2. "Completely Sweet"   2:17

3. "Undying Love"   2:05

4. "I'm Alone Because I Love You"   2:20

5. "Lovin' Time"   2:04

6. "Proud of You"   1:56

Side two

1. "Mean When I'm Mad"   1:50

2. "Stockings and Shoes"   2:04

3. "Tell Me Why"   2:15

4. "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?"   2:23

5. "Cradle Baby"   1:45

6. "One Kiss"   1:42

1981 reissue

The album was re-issued by Liberty in 1981 as a ten-track album, omitting "I'm Alone Because I Love You" and "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You". The catalogue number was LN-10137.

Eddie Cochran Band Members / Musicians

Eddie Cochran – guitar, ukulele, vocals

Perry Botkin Sr. – rhythm guitar

Connie "Guybo" Smith – double bass

The Johnny Mann Chorus – backing vocals

Singin' to My Baby is the first album by Eddie Cochran, released on Liberty Records in mono in November 1957. The catalogue number was LRP 3061. It was the only album Eddie Cochran released during his short lifetime (which ended on April 17, 1960).

Ray Edward Cochran (/ˈkɒkrən/; October 3, 1938 – April 17, 1960) was an American rock and roll musician. Cochran's songs, such as "Twenty Flight Rock", "Summertime Blues", "C'mon Everybody", and "Somethin' Else", captured teenage frustration and desire in the mid-1950s and early 1960s. He experimented with multitrack recording, distortion techniques, and overdubbing even on his earliest singles. He played the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. His image as a sharply dressed and attractive young man with a rebellious attitude epitomized the stance of the 1950s rocker, and in death he achieved iconic status.

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