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Janis Ian - Hunger (1997)

Janis Ian - Hunger (1997)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Black & White"   4:44

2. "On the Dark Side of Town"   3:54

3. "Might As Well Be Monday"   4:34

4. "Getting Over You"   4:30

5. "Searching for America"   8:24

6. "Hunger"   6:27

7. "Welcome to Acousticville"   7:54

8. "Honor Them All"   3:56

9. "Empty"   3:11

10. "House Without a Heart"   4:19

11. "Shadow"   5:15

12. "Getting Over You (with strings)"   4:25


Janis Ian Band Members / Musicians

Janis Ian – producer

Jeff Balding – producer, mixing

Ani DiFranco – producer ("Searching for America")

Andrew Gilehrist – mixing ("Searching for America")

Simon Renshaw – management

Karen Krattigner Sternberg – management

Sonny Mediana – art direction and design

Janis Ian – vocals, acoustic guitar

Cyro Baptista – percussion

Kevin Breit – electric and National Steel guitars, bazoukis

David Piltch – upright bass

Ani DiFranco – background vocals, bass, sampling ("Searching for America")

Andrew Gilchrist – electric guitar ("Searching for America")

Andy Stochansky – drums, percussion ("Searching for America")

Steve Brewster – drums ("Honor Them All")

Dann Huff – electric guitar ("Honor Them All")

Randy Leago – accordion ("Honor Them All")

Terry McMillian – percussion ("Honor Them All")

Glenn Worf – upright bass ("Honor Them All")

Ron Huff – ("Getting Over You")

Hunger is the 16th studio album by the American folk singer/songwriter Janis Ian, released on September 30, 1997. It is the follow-up to her 1995 album Revenge. Recording was held in various studios in the spring of 1997. Production for the album was initially handled by an unnamed producer, but disagreements between Ian and the producer caused that producer to leave and Jeff Balding was brought in to finish production work.

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