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Janis Ian - Restless Eyes (1981)

Janis Ian - Restless Eyes (1981)

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Side 1

1. "Under the Covers"   4:25

2. "I Remember Yesterday"   4:02

3. "I Believe I'm Myself Again"   2:31

4. "Restless Eyes"   3:57

5. "Get Ready To Roll"   2:58

Total length:   16:53

Side 2

1. "Passion Play"   4:43

2. "Down and Away"   3:33

3. "Bigger Than Real"   3:17

4. "Dear Billy"   2:47

5. "Sugar Mountain"   3:25

Total length:   17:45

Restless Eyes, released in 1981, is the 12th studio album by singer/songwriter Janis Ian, and her last album for Columbia Records, although at the time Ian had a contract with the label for four further albums.

At the time of Restless Eyes, Janis Ian had completely disappeared from the United States charts – her previous album Night Rains had not even dented the Billboard Top 200 despite a re-release during the summer of 1980 and a big push by Columbia who had originally released it on a glutted US market in September 1979. Nevertheless, her efforts to adopt a highly commercial pop sound plus a new focus on writing film music had gained Night Rains significant success outside North America.

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