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Janis Ian - Revenge (1995)

Janis Ian - Revenge (1995)

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1. "Ready For the War"   4:21

2. "Take No Prisoners"   3:51

3. "Tenderness"   3:44

4. "No One Else Like You"   3:41

5. "Davy"   3:53

6. "When the Silence Falls"   2:30

7. "Take Me Walking in the Rain"   6:50

8. "Berlin"   3:51

9. "Stolen Fire"   4:10

10. "Ruby"   4:21

11. "The Mission"   5:57

12. "When Angels Cry"   4:45

Revenge is the 15th studio album by American singer-songwriter Janis Ian, released in 1995. Like her preceding comeback album Breaking Silence, it was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, where Ian had been living since 1988. The title was intended as a riposte against the major record labels who had dropped her permanently after her past few albums had failed to sell in substantial numbers. Despite this, Janis and co-producer John Jennings hired what she considered her “dream band” for the sessions, and when Revenge was completed Janis considered it the most commercial album she had ever recorded. It included one song co-written with Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes.

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