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Kino - Gruppa krovi (1988)

Kino - Gruppa krovi (1988)

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"Группа крови" / "Gruppa krovi" / "Blood Type" (4:45)

"Закрой за мной дверь, я ухожу" / "Zakroy za mnoy dver', ya ukhozhu" / "Close the Door Behind Me, I'm Leaving" (4:15)

"Война" / "Voyna" / "War" (4:04)

"Спокойная ночь" / "Spokoynaya noch'" / "Peaceful Night" (6:07)

"Мама, мы все сошли с ума" / "Mama, my vse soshli s uma" / "Mama, We've All Gone Mad" (4:06)

"Бошетунмай" / "Boshetunmai" (4:09)

"В наших глазах" / "V nashikh glazakh" / "In Our Eyes" (3:34)

"Попробуй спеть вместе со мной" / "Poprobuy spet' vmeste so mnoy" / "Try to Sing Along With Me" (4:35)

"Прохожий" / "Prokhozhiy" / "Passerby" – (3:39)

"Дальше действовать будем мы" / "Dal'she deystvovat' budem my" / "From Now On, it's Our Turn" (3:55)

"Легенда" / "Legenda" / "Legend" – (4:10)

Kino Band Members / Musicians

Viktor Tsoi – vocals, guitar

Yuri Kasparyan – lead guitar, keyboards ("Poprobuy spet' vmeste so mnoy")

Igor Tikhomirov – bass guitar

Georgiy Guryanov – Yamaha RX-11 drum machine, backing vocals, bass guitar ("Zakroy za mnoy dver', ya ukhozhu", "Mama, my vse soshli s uma", "Poprobuy spet' vmeste so mnoy", "Prokhozhiy")

Andrei Sigle – keyboards

Igor Verichev – backing vocals ("Prokhozhiy")

Alexey Vishnya – mixing and mastering, backing vocals ("Gruppa krovi")

Gruppa krovi (Russian: Группа крови, lit. 'blood type, blood group') is the 6th studio album by Soviet rock band Kino, first released in 1988. Released at the height of Perestroika and Glasnost, together with a crime thriller titled The Needle (Russian: Игла, romanized: Igla) released in the same year starring lead vocalist Viktor Tsoi, it would go on to be the band's most popular album both inside and eventually outside the Soviet Union, with songs from the album, including the title track, commonly being listed among top 100 lists of Russian music.

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