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Patent Ochsner - Schlachtplatte (1991)

Patent Ochsner - Schlachtplatte (1991)

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Patent Ochsner is one of Switzerland's best-known rock bands, all of whose studio albums but one have topped the Swiss charts. Hailing from Bern, they perform songs in Swiss German.

Patent Ochsner was formed in Bern in 1990 by singer Büne Huber and four other musicians. The lineup would change several times during the years. The band got their name from a ubiquitous type of Swiss dustbin and trash containers, manufactured by J. Ochsner AG and stamped with "Patent Ochsner".

Patent Ochsner Band Members / Musicians
Hanspeter Huber (vocals)
Monic Mathys (bass guitar)
Andi Hug (drums)
Christian Brantschen (keyboard, accordion)
Menk Grossniklaus (saxophone)
Disu Gmünder (guitar)
Pascal Steiner (keys and wind sven Jauch
Daniel Woodtli (trumpet)

Patent Ochsner Discograhy Full - Studio albums
1991 Schlachtplatte
1993 Fischer
1994 Gmües
1997 Stella Nera
2003 Trybguet
2005 Liebi, Tod + Tüüfu
2008 The Rimini Flashdown
2012 Johnny - The Rimini Flashdown Part II
2015 Finitolavoro - The Rimini Flashdown Part III
2019 Cut Up

Patent Ochsner Live albums
1998 Wildbolz & Süsstrunk
2010 Bundesplatz (CD + DVD)
2015 Gurten 2015 Live
2017 Strange Fruits – Unique Moments – Live im Landesmuseum

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