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Ray Davies - Working Man's Café (2007)

Ray Davies - Working Man's Café (2007)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Vietnam Cowboys"

"You're Asking Me"

"Working Man's Café"

"Morphine Song"

"In a Moment"

"Peace in Our Time"

"No One Listen"

"Imaginary Man"

"One More Time"

"The Voodoo Walk"

"Hymn for a New Age"

"The Real World"

The American CD/DVD deluxe edition, released on 19 February 2008, contains the following four bonus tracks in addition to those aforementioned

"Angola (Wrong Side of the Law)"

"I, The Victim" (Rough Mix from the upcoming project called "Ripper")

"Vietnam Cowboys" (Demo)

"The Voodoo Walk" (Demo)

It also contains a separate DVD with a twenty-minute short film named Americana: A Work in Progress, filmed and directed by Ray Davies, featuring footage from the Storyteller tour that took place in the autumn of 2001.

Ray Davies Band Members / Musicians

Ray Davies - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards

Pat Buchanan - electric guitar

Ray Kennedy - additional electric guitar, percussion

Craig Young - bass

Tim Lauer - keyboards

Shannon Forrest - drums

Karin Forsman, Ray Davies, Ray Kennedy - background vocals

Mick Avory - percussion on "You're Asking Me"

Nick Payne - tenor and baritone saxophone on "Morphine Song"

Mike Cotton - trumpet on "Morphine Song"

Simon Edwards - bass on "One More Time"

Martyn Baker - drums on "One More Time"

Bill Lloyd - electric guitar on "The Real World"

Working Man's Café is the 3rd studio album by English singer-songwriter Ray Davies released on 22 October 2007 in the UK. A day earlier, on 21 October, a ten track promotional copy of the album (minus bonus tracks "Hymn for a New Age" and "The Real World") was "given away" with the Sunday Times newspaper in the UK. The album was released in the US on New West/Ammal Records on 19 February 2008.

The cafe pictured in the artwork is Lane Cafe, located within walking distance of Konk Studios.

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