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Redbone - Message from a Drum (1971)

Redbone - Message from a Drum (1971)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

"Message from a Drum" (Patrick Vegas) – 3:08

"Niji Trance" (R. A. Bellamy/Patrick Vegas/Lolly Vegas) – 3:27

"The Sun Never Shines on the Lonely" (Lolly Vegas) – 2:35

"Maxsplivitz (instrumental)" (Lolly Vegas) – 0:18

"Emotions" (Lolly Vegas) - 4:10

"Jerico" (Lolly Vegas/Patrick Vegas) - 3:47

Side two

"The Witch Queen of New Orleans" (Patrick Vegas/Lolly Vegas) – 2:45

"When You Got Trouble" (Patrick Vegas/Lolly Vegas) – 3:24

"Perico (instrumental)" (Lolly Vegas) – 0:18

"Fate" (Lolly Vegas) – 6:36

"One Monkey" (Lolly Vegas) - 4:09

Redbone Band Members / Musicians

Lolly Vegas – lead guitar, organ, acoustic guitar, vocals

Tony Bellamy – rhythm guitar, Wah-Wah, dobro, vocals

Pat Vegas – bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, vocals

Peter DePoe – drums, percussion, vocals

Message from a Drum is the 3rd album by Native American rock band Redbone released in 1971. It was released in Europe under the name The Witch Queen of New Orleans with the same track list and a different cover. The CD version released in the early 2000s has the European cover and title of the original LP and includes the single version of "Chant: 13th Hour" as a bonus track (the full version being from the second LP Potlatch).

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