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Redbone - Redbone (1970)

Redbone - Redbone (1970)

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Side one

"Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band" (Lolly Vegas/Patrick Vegas/Jim Ford) – 3:06

"Prehistoric Rhythm" (L.Vegas) – 3:50

"Niki Hokey" (L. Vegas/P. Vegas/J. Ford) – 3:17

"Promise I Won't Let It Show" (P. Vegas) – 3:06

"Minor Seven Heaven" (L. Vegas) - 4:17

Side two

"Night Come Down" (L. Vegas) – 3:53

"Tennessee Girl" (L. Vegas) – 2:27

"Rebecca" (L. Vegas) – 3:02

"Jambone (Instrumental)" (P. Vegas/L. Vegas/R. Anthony Bellamy/Peter DePoe) – 7:50

Side three

"Little Girl" (L. Vegas) - 3:54

"Chance To See" (P. Vegas) - 4:33

"Red And Blue" (L. Vegas) - 2:41

"Suite Mode (Instrumental)" (P. Vegas/L. Vegas/R. A. Bellamy/P. DePoe) - 8:17

Side four

"(I Can't) Handle It" (L. Vegas) - 5:35

"I'm A Man (Instrumental)" (L. Vegas) - 2:57

"Danse Calinda" (P. Vegas) - 2:41

"Things Go Better ... (Instrumental)" (P. Vegas/L. Vegas/R. A. Bellamy/P. DePoe) - 7:40

Redbone Band Members / Musicians

Lolly Vegas – lead guitar, vocals

Tony Bellamy – rhythm guitar, vocals

Patrick Vegas – bass, vocals

Pete DePoe – drums, percussion

Redbone is the 1st (double) album by Native American rock band Redbone. In Europe it was also released as a single record. The double album contains 4 instrumentals, 3 of which are extended.

The album contains their version of the 1967 hit they wrote for P.J. Proby, "Niki Hoeky". The track appears on the album as "Niki Hokey".

Redbone is an American funk rock band founded in 1969 by brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas. All band members during their commercial peak were of Mexican American and Native American heritage, which was reflected in their songs, stage costumes, and album art.

They reached the Top 5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1974 with their single, "Come and Get Your Love". The single went certified Gold selling over a million copies. It also made Redbone the first Native American band to reach the top five on the Billboard Hot 100, with the song reaching number 5.[1] Redbone achieved hits with their singles "We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee", "The Witch Queen of New Orleans", "Wovoka", and "Maggie" in the United States, although these singles were more successful overseas.

Pat has been the sole member of the band since Lolly's death in 2010.

Redbone Band Members / Musicians

Pat Vasquez-Vegas – bass, vocals (1969–1977, 1997–present)

Lolly Vasquez-Vegas – guitars, vocals (1969–1977, 1997–2010; his death)

Tony Bellamy – guitars, vocals (1969–1977, 1997–1998, 2008; died 2009)

Peter DePoe – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1969–1972)

Butch Rillera – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1973–1977)

Redbone Discography Full

Redbone (1970)

Potlatch (1970)

Message from a Drum (1971)

Already Here (1972)

Wovoka (1973)

Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes (1974)

Cycles (1977)

Peace Pipe (2005)

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