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Redbone - Wovoka (1973)

Redbone - Wovoka (1973)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

"Wovoka" (P. Vegas/L. Vegas) – 3:00

"Sweet Lady of Love" (L. Vegas) – 3:08

"Someday (A Good Song)" (P. Vegas/T. Bellamy) – 4:12

"Liquid Truth" (L. Vegas) – 5:03

"We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee" (P. Vegas/L. Vegas) - 3:34 [UK release only]

Side two

"Come and Get Your Love" (LP version) (L. Vegas) – 4:59

"Day to Day Life" (P. Vegas/T. Bellamy) – 2:42

"Chant Wovoka / "Clouds In My Sunshine" (P. Vegas) – 4:42

"23rd and Mad" (L. Vegas/P. DePoe) - 6:46

Redbone Band Members / Musicians

Lolly Vegas – lead guitar, electric sitar, leslie guitar, vocals

Tony Bellamy – rhythm guitar, wah wah guitar, piano, vocals

Pat Vegas – bass, fuzz bass, vocals

Butch Rillera – drums, background vocals

Peter DePoe – drums, background vocals

Joe Sample - piano, vibraphone

Sherry Williams - background vocals

Eddie Caciedo - percussion

Johnny Lopez - background vocals

Wovoka is the 5th album by Mexican American/Native American funk rock band Redbone. It was recorded between June and October of 1973, and was summarily released in November 1973 on Epic Records. It adds elements of Cajun and R&B to the band's signature funk rock style. The album was produced by brothers Pat Vegas (bass, vocals) and Lolly Vegas (guitars, vocals), in addition to sound engineer Alex Kazanegras. It was the last Redbone album to feature Butch Rillera on drums. The album was recorded with the help of multiple session musicians, including several additional backing vocalists. All main members of the band notably contributed to vocals. The album peaked on the US Billboard 200 at number 66 in 1974. The single "We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee" topped the Belgian and Dutch charts in 1973, but was notably absent from the American release after it was deemed too offensive for some audiences.

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