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Samael - Worship Him (1991)

Samael - Worship Him (1991)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Sleep of Death"   3:45

2. "Worship Him" (Xytraguptor, Vorphalack)   6:30

3. "Knowledge of the Ancient Kingdom"   5:06

4. "Morbid Metal"   4:56

5. "Rite of Cthulhu"   2:02

6. "The Black Face"   3:31

7. "Into the Pentagram"   6:47

8. "Messenger of the Light"   2:42

9. "Last Benediction" (Xytraguptor)   1:23

10. "The Dark"   4:29

Samael Band Members / Musicians

Vorphalack: Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Xytraguptor: Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

Arranged and produced by Samael

Recorded at Taurus Studio, Switzerland, March 1990

Recorded and mixed by Claude Lander

Worship Him is the first full album from the Swiss heavy metal band Samael. Released in 1991, it was the first-ever release from Osmose Productions, an independent French metal label. Worship Him is considered a milestone in the development of second wave black metal.

Samael is a Swiss extreme metal band formed in 1987 in Sion.

The current line up of the band include founding members and brothers Vorphalack (Vorph) and Xytraguptor (Xy), guitarist Drop and bassist Ales. A few other members have been part of the band throughout the years : Rodolph H. (Keyboards, 1993–1995), Kaos (Guitar 1996–2001), Mas (Bass 1991–2014), and Makro (Guitar 2002–2018).

Samael is known to incorporate metal, industrial, electronic and symphonic music into their sound and mix it with massive beats, martial rhythms, up-tempo or blast beat. One of the key elements that distinguishes Samael from traditional metal bands is the use of a drum machine in studio and live on stage.

Samael Band Members / Musicians

Michael "Vorph" Locher – guitar, vocals (1987–present)

Alexandre "Xytras" Locher – drums, drum programming, keyboards, samples (1988–present)

Thomas "Drop" Betrisey – guitar (2018–present), bass (2015–2018)

Ales Campanelli – bass (2020–present)

Pat Charvet — drums (1987–1988)

Rodolphe H. — keyboards, samples (1993–1996)

Kaos — guitar (1996–2002)

Christophe "Mas" Mermod – bass (1991–2015)

Marco "Makro" Rivao – guitar (2002–2018)

Pierre "Zorrac" Carroz – bass (2018–2020)

Samael Discography Full

1991 Worship Him

1992 Blood Ritual

1994 Ceremony of Opposites

1996 Passage

1999 Eternal

2004 Reign of Light

2007 Solar Soul

2009 Above

2011 Lux Mundi

2017 Hegemony

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