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The Jam - All Mod Cons (1978)

The Jam - All Mod Cons (1978)

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Side one

"All Mod Cons" – 1:20

"To Be Someone (Didn't We Have a Nice Time)" – 2:32

"Mr. Clean"* – 3:29

"David Watts" (Ray Davies) – 2:56

"English Rose"** – 2:51

"In the Crowd" – 5:40

Side two

"Billy Hunt" – 3:01 (UK and 1st US pressings)/"The Butterfly Collector" – 3:11 (US reissues)

"It's Too Bad" – 2:39

"Fly" – 3:22

"The Place I Love" – 2:54

"'A' Bomb in Wardour Street" – 2:37

"Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" – 4:43

The Jam Band Members / Musicians

Paul Weller – guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals

Bruce Foxton – bass, vocals

Rick Buckler – drums, percussion

Vic Coppersmith-Heaven – production, soundboard engineering

Chris Parry – associate production

Roger Béchirian – soundboard engineering

Gregg Jackman – soundboard engineering

Peter Schierwade – assistant engineering

Phil Thornalley – assistant engineering

Bill Smith – design

The Jam – design

Peter "Kodick" Gravelle – photography

All Mod Cons is the 3rd studio album by the British band The Jam, released in 1978 by Polydor Records. The title, a British idiom one might find in housing advertisements, is short for "all modern conveniences" and is a pun on the band's association with the mod revival. The album reached No. 6 in the UK Albums Chart.

The album was reissued in the United States in 1979, with the song "The Butterfly Collector" replacing "Billy Hunt".

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