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The Young Gods - The Young Gods (1987)

The Young Gods - The Young Gods (1987)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one
1. "Nous de la lune" ("We of the Moon")   4:33
2. "Jusqu'au bout" ("All the Way")   2:35
3. "A ciel ouvert" ("In the Open Air")   1:46
4. "Jimmy"   2:41
5. "Fais la mouette" ("Do the Seagull")   4:46

Side two
1. "Percussionne" ("Percussion")   5:28
2. "Feu" ("Of Old")   3:04
3. "Did You Miss Me?" (Gary Glitter cover)   3:22
4. "Si tu gardes" ("If You Keep")   5:55

CD bonus tracks
10. "The Irrtum Boys"   2:38
11. "Envoyé!" ("Sent")   1:53
12. "Soul Idiot"   4:23
13. "Comme si était la dernière fois" ("As If It Were the Last Time")   5:09

The Young Gods Band Members / Musicians
Frank Bagnoud – drums
Cesare Pizzi – sampler
Franz Treichler – vocals
Production and additional personnel
Voco Fauxpas – assistant engineer
Jean-Marc Giossi – photography
Roli Mosimann – production, engineering, trumpet (A5)
The Young Gods – cover art, design

The Young Gods is the eponymous debut studio album by the Swiss industrial rock band The Young Gods, released in 1987 by Play It Again Sam, Organik and Wax Trax! Records. The album employs a sample-based approach to rock music: the tracks are composed from samples from metal guitar riffs and classical compositions. The Young Gods was produced by Roli Mosimann, who went on to become a frequent collaborator of the band. It is the band's only record to feature their original drummer, Frank Bagnoud.

The Young Gods met with a critical acclaim, with a particular interest from the British music press: it was named as the "Album of the Year" by Melody Maker. The album peaked at number 14 on UK Independent Albums Chart, while its sole single, "Did You Miss Me?," charted on the UK Independent Singles Chart.

The Young Gods are a Swiss industrial rock band from Geneva, formed in 1985. The original lineup of the band featured singer Franz Treichler, sampler player Cesare Pizzi and drummer Frank Bagnoud. For most of their history, the band maintained a trio format with a singer, a sampler player and a drummer, albeit with multiple line-up changes. Treichler is the band's sole consistent member; the current line-up also features Pizzi and drummer Bernard Trontin. During their career, the band have extensively collaborated with producer Roli Mosimann.

The Young Gods Band Members / Musicians

Franz Treichler (aka Franz Muse) – vocals, sampler, computer, guitar (1985–present)

Cesare Pizzi (aka Ludan Dross) – sampler, computer (1985–1988, 2012–present)

Bernard Trontin – drums, electronics (1997–present)

Frank Bagnoud (born Patrice Bagnoud)[32] – drums (1985–1987)

Urs "Üse" Hiestand – drums (1987–1996)

Alain Monod (aka Al Comet) – sampler, keyboards, guitar (1989–2012)

Vincent Hänni – guitar, bass guitar, electronics (2006–2011)

The Young Gods Discography Full
The Young Gods (1987)
L'eau rouge (1989)
The Young Gods Play Kurt Weill (1991)
T.V. Sky (1992)
Only Heaven (1995)
Heaven Deconstruction (1996)
Second Nature (2000)
Music for Artificial Clouds (2004)
Super Ready/Fragmenté (2007)
Everybody Knows (2010)
Data Mirage Tangram (2019)

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