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Toad - Tomorrow Blue (1972)

Toad - Tomorrow Blue (1972)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Thoughts" (Vergeat/Fröhlich) - 6:29
"Tomorrow Blue" (Vergeat/Fröhlich) - 9:05
"Blind Chapmans Tale" (Vergeat) - 5:22
"Vampires" (Vergeat/Fröhlich) - 5:42
"No Need" (Vergeat/Fröhlich) - 3:39
"Change in Time" (Vergeat/Fröhlich) - 12:25
"Three O' Clock in the Morning" (Vergeat) - 0:47

CD Extra Tracks
"Fly" (Vergeat/Fröhlich/Wenger)
"I Saw Her Standing There" (Lennon/McCartney)
"Green Ham" (Vergeat)

Toad Band Members / Musicians
Vic Vergeat - Guitar, Vocals
Werner Fröhlich - Bass, Vocals
Cosimo Lampis - Drums
Helmut Lipsky - Violin
Giorgio Meloni - Liner Notes
Silvio Caduff - Artwork
Produced by Chris Schwegler
Engineered by Martin Birch

Tomorrow Blue is the 2nd album by the Swiss rock band Toad released in 1972. It was the second Toad album engineered by British producer Martin Birch. Musically, their songs take over a more blues mood on this album, although they didn't totally abandon the hard rock/prog rock sound they previously had.

On this release, the band didn't utilize an outside singer.

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