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Caesars (as Twelve Caesars) - Youth Is Wasted on the Young (1998)

Caesars (as Twelve Caesars) - Youth Is Wasted on the Young (1998)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Sort It Out" – 3:37

"Let's Go Parking Baby" – 2:36

"I'm Gonna Kick You Out" – 2:52

"You're My Favourite" – 2:03

"My Abduction Love" – 3:50

"Optic Nerve" – 3:51

"The Cannibals" – 3:00

"Anything You Want" – 2:54

"She's a Planet" – 2:25

"Suzy Creamcheese" – 4:05 (Originally by Teddy and His Patches)

"You Are My Favourite 2" – 2:52

"You Don't Mean a Thing to Me" – 4:36

"Out of My Hands" – 3:37 (Originally by The Endd)

Youth Is Wasted on the Young is the debut studio album by Swedish rock band The Twelve Caesars.

Caesars are a Swedish indie rock band from Stockholm, formed in 1995. In their native country, the band was originally known as Caesars Palace, a name which was changed to avoid conflicting with the name of the Las Vegas hotel. In the rest of Scandinavia they are known as Twelve Caesars.

Caesars Band Members / Musicians

Joakim Åhlund – guitars, vocals 1995-present

César Vidal – lead vocals, guitars 1995-present

David Lindqvist – bass 1996-present

Jens Örjenheim – drums (1998–2000)

Nino Keller – drums (2000–present)

Klas Åhlund – keyboards, other instruments on the early albums, which he also produced. Klas was never officially a member, yet he featured in their early live shows. 1998-2002

Caesars Discography Full

1998 Youth Is Wasted on the Young (as Twelve Caesars)

2000 Cherry Kicks (as Caesars Palace)

2002 Love for the Streets (as Caesars Palace)

2005 Paper Tigers

2008 Strawberry Weed

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