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Die Ärzte - 13 (1998)

Die Ärzte - 13 (1998)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Punk ist..." ("Punk is...")   3:42

2. "Ein Lied für dich" ("A song for you")   2:43

3. "Goldenes Handwerk" ("Golden handicraft")   3:34

4. "Meine Freunde" ("My friends")   1:47

5. "Party stinkt" ("Party stinks")   3:26

6. "1/2 Lovesong"   3:52

7. "Ignorama" (contains a prelude to "Nie wieder Krieg, nie mehr Las Vegas!")   2:46

8. "Nie wieder Krieg, nie mehr Las Vegas!" ("No more war, no more Las Vegas!")   2:36

9. "Rebell" ("Rebel")   3:51

10. "Der Graf" ("The Count")   3:44

11. "Grau" ("Gray")   2:45

12. "Angeber" ("Show-off"; contains a prelude to "Männer sind Schweine")   2:58

13. "Männer sind Schweine" ("Men are pigs")   4:17

14. "Liebe und Schmerz" ("Love and sorrow")   3:52

15. "Nie gesagt" ("Never said")   4:57

16. "Der Infant" ("The infant")   3:05

17. "Grotesksong" (roughly "Grotesque song")   3:40

Hidden track

The song "Lady" is hidden in the pregap of "Punk ist...". It was composed by González with lyrics by González and Felsenheimer. To hear it, one has to rewind the record from the first track to -3:55.

Die Ärzte Band Members / Musicians

Farin Urlaub – guitar, vocals

Bela Felsenheimer – drums, vocals

Rodrigo González – bass guitar, vocals

13 is the 8th studio album by German rock band Die Ärzte, released on 25 May 1998. It is their most successful album, going platinum in Germany and gold in Austria and Switzerland. The 13th track, "Männer sind Schweine", is their most successful single.

The CD version of the album features a hidden track in the pregap of the first song. This technique was later used frequently—on Geräusch, Jazz ist anders, Farin Urlaub's Am Ende der Sonne, and Bela B.'s Bingo. On vinyl versions of Jazz ist anders and Am Ende der Sonne though, the hidden tracks are not lost, but put after the last track.

The album features many film and TV samples. Samples are used on tracks 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, and on the hidden track.

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