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Die Happy - Better Than Nothing (1994)

Die Happy - Better Than Nothing (1994)

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Die Happy is a German alternative rock band from Ulm. The group was founded in 1993 by Czech singer Marta Jandová and Thorsten Mewes. Even though the band is based in Germany, their songs are written and performed almost exclusively in English.

Die Happy Band Members / Musicians
Marta Jandová (vocals)
Thorsten Mewes (guitar)
Ralph Rieker (bass)
Jürgen Stiehle (drums)

Die Happy Discography Full
1994 Better Than Nothing
1996 Dirty Flowers
1997 Promotion
2001 Supersonic Speed
2002 Beautiful Morning
2003 The Weight of the Circumstances
2005 Bitter to Better
2005 Four and More (Unplugged)
2006 No Nuts No Glory
2008 VI
2009 Most Wanted (Best Of)
2010 Red Box
2014 Ever Love
2020 Guess What

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