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In Flames - Come Clarity (2006)

In Flames - Come Clarity (2006)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Take This Life"   3:35

2. "Leeches"   2:55

3. "Reflect the Storm"   4:16

4. "Dead End"   3:22

5. "Scream"   3:12

6. "Come Clarity"   4:15

7. "Vacuum"   3:39

8. "Pacing Death's Trail"   3:00

9. "Crawl Through Knives"   4:02

10. "Versus Terminus" (Titled "End of Things" on EU plexi special edition. SE track list from Discogs)   3:18

11. "Our Infinite Struggle"   3:46

12. "Vanishing Light"   3:14

13. "Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone"   5:25

Total length:   48:06

In Flames Band Members / Musicians

Anders Fridén – vocals

Björn Gelotte – lead guitar

Jesper Strömblad – rhythm guitar

Peter Iwers – bass

Daniel Svensson – drums

Örjan Örnkloo – keyboards and programming

Uppsala Poker HC Crew – additional vocals on "Scream"

Lisa Miskovsky – additional vocals on "Dead End"

Eskil Lövstrom – mixing

Pelle Henricsson – mixing & mastering

Magnus Lander – tracking

Patric Ullaeus – photography

Derek Hess – artwork

Come Clarity is the 8th studio album by Swedish metal band In Flames, released in February 2006. It was originally going to be called Crawl Through Knives but was later changed to its current title.

The album features the artwork of Derek Hess, who is popular among metal bands and has produced artwork for Converge and Sepultura amongst others. Specifically the artwork of Sepultura's album Roorback has a lot of similarities.

The songs "Take This Life" and "Come Clarity" have music videos. "Take This Life" is also a playable track in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

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