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In Flames - Lunar Strain (1994)

In Flames - Lunar Strain (1994)

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1994 original release
1. "Behind Space"   4:55
2. "Lunar Strain"   4:05
3. "Starforsaken"   3:10
4. "Dreamscape" (instrumental)   3:45
5. "Everlost (Part I)"   4:17
6. "Everlost (Part II)"   2:57
7. "Hårgalåten" (instrumental; traditional song)   2:26
8. "In Flames"   5:33
9. "Upon an Oaken Throne"   2:49
10. "Clad in Shadows"   2:49

Total length:   36:43

2005 remastered re-release
1. "Behind Space"   4:55
2. "Clad in Shadows"   2:49
3. "Lunar Strain"   4:05
4. "Starforsaken"   3:10
5. "Dreamscape" (instrumental)   3:45
6. "Everlost (Part I)"   4:17
7. "Everlost (Part II)"   2:57
8. "Hårgalåten" (instrumental)   2:26
9. "In Flames"   5:33
10. "Upon an Oaken Throne"   2:49
11. "In Flames (1993 Promo Version)"   5:49
12. "Upon an Oaken Throne (1993 Promo Version)"   3:05
13. "Acoustic Piece (1993 Promo Version)" (instrumental)   0:38
14. "Clad in Shadows (1993 Promo Version)"   2:47


In Flames Band Members / Musicians
Mikael Stanne – lead vocals
Glenn Ljungström – lead guitar
Carl Näslund – rhythm guitar
Johann Larsson – bass guitar
Jesper Strömblad – drums, keyboards, additional guitars

Ylva Wåhlstedt – violins, viola
Jennica Johansson – vocal appearance
Oscar Dronjak – vocal appearance
Anders Iwers – lead guitar (tracks 8–9 and 1993 demo bonus tracks)

Fredrik Nordström, H. Bjurkvist, J. Karlsson – engineering
In Flames, Fredrik Nordström – mixing
StageTech – production
Kenneth Johansson – cover art and photos
Henrik Lindahl – additional photos
Local Hero Music – layout

Lunar Strain is the debut studio album by Swedish metal band In Flames, released in April 1994. The album is known for its "folky elements", with the inclusion of violins and acoustic guitars.

It is the only In Flames album to not feature Anders Fridén as the vocalist and Björn Gelotte as either drummer or lead guitarist. Guitarist Jesper Strömblad plays the drums, while the vocals are sung by Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael Stanne, a session musician for In Flames at the time. Stanne had sung with the band previously on "Demo '93". Coincidentally, Fridén was the original vocalist for Dark Tranquillity and he effectively traded places with Stanne in 1995. As of 2010, no members who played on this album are still with the band.

The songs "Behind Space" and "Clad in Shadows" were re-recorded in the album Colony (1999), featuring In Flames' future lineup; both songs were renamed with the suffix '99 at the end of the title. "Clad in Shadows '99" was also released on the reissue of the album Whoracle (1997).

In Flames is a Swedish heavy metal band, formed by guitarist Jesper Strömblad in Gothenburg in 1990. Alongside At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity, In Flames pioneered the genres known as Swedish death metal and melodic death metal.

During the band's early years, In Flames had a varying group of musicians recording with them, including many session musicians. By the release of Colony (1999), the group had established a stable lineup. Their sixth studio album Reroute to Remain (2002) showed the band moving toward a newer style of music that moved further away from melodic death metal and closer to alternative metal. This decision was criticized by fans of the group's heavier metal sound; however, it increased the band's mainstream audience and bolstered their album sales. As of 2008, In Flames has sold over two million records worldwide.

In Flames Discography Full

Studio albums
1994 Lunar Strain
1996 The Jester Race
1997 Whoracle
1999 Colony
2000 Clayman
2002 Reroute to Remain
2004 Soundtrack to Your Escape
2006 Come Clarity
2008 A Sense of Purpose
2011 Sounds of a Playground Fading
2014 Siren Charms
2016 Battles
2019 I, the Mask

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