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Megaherz - Herzwerk II (2002)

Megaherz - Herzwerk II (2002)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Herzblut" ("Heart-blood")[1] - 5:18

"Glas und Tränen" ("Glass and Tears") - 3:55

"I.M. Rumpelstilzchen" (Unofficial collaborator Rumplestiltskin) - 4:31

"5. März" ("March 5th") - 4:17

"F.F.F. (Flesh for Fantasy)" - 5:25 (Billy Idol cover)

"Hand auf's Herz" ("Hand on My Heart") - 3:59

"Zu den Sternen" ("To the Stars") - 5:14

"Licht II (Instrumental)" ("Light II") - 2:08

"Heute schon gelebt?" ("Lived Yet Today?") - 3:51

"An deinem Grab" ("At Your Grave") - 6:57

"Perfekte Droge" ("Perfect Drug") - 4:27

"Spiel' nicht…" ("Don't Play…") - 4:41

"Gold" - 5:11

"Es brennt" ("It Burns") - 4:03

Megaherz Band Members / Musicians

Alexander Wesselsky – lead vocals

Christian "X-ti" Bystron – guitar

Wenz – bass

Oliver Pohl – guitar

Jürgen Schlachter – drums

Ralf Weigand – keyboards, percussion

Corni Bartels – drums on "Hand auf's Herz"

Nicki Schuster, Claudia Rossler, Voodoo Man – backing vocals

Herzwerk II ("Heart-work II") is the 4th studio album by German industrial metal band Megaherz. It is the last album to feature singer Alexx Wesselsky before he left with Noel Pix to form Eisbrecher. The final track, "Es brennt" ("It Burns"), which talks about the differences between Eastern and Western Germany, was included on the digipak version of the disc. The album was re-released in the United States in 2008, with "Es brennt" included.

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