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Oomph! - GlaubeLiebeTod (2006)

Oomph! - GlaubeLiebeTod (2006)

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Gott ist ein Popstar! ("God is a popstar") - 3:53

Das letzte Streichholz ("The last match") - 3:37

Träumst du? ("Are you dreaming?") - 3:57

Die Schlinge ("The noose") - 3:58

Du willst es doch auch ("You want it too") - 3:27

Eine Frau spricht im Schlaf ("A woman talks in her sleep") - 3:58

Mein Schatz ("My sweetheart") - 3:38

Dreh dich nicht um ("Don't turn around") - 3:28

Land in Sicht ("Land in sight") - 4:06

Tanz in den Tod ("Dance into death") - 3:26

Ich will deine Seele ("I want your soul") - 3:20

Zuviel Liebe kann dich töten ("Too much love can kill you") - 3:48

Wenn du mich lässt ("If you let me") (digipak bonus track) - 3:51

Menschsein ("Being human") (digipak bonus track) - 3:44

Oomph! Band Members / Musicians

Dero Goi – lead vocals, drums

Andreas Crap – guitars and keyboards

Robert Flux – samples and guitars


"Gott ist ein Popstar!"

"Das letzte Streichholz"

"Träumst du?"

"Die Schlinge"

For every one of the singles, a music video was produced

GlaubeLiebeTod ("FaithLoveDeath") is the 9th studio album by the German industrial metal band Oomph!. It was released in March 2006.

GlaubeLiebeTod was released in three versions: a basic album with jewel case and no booklet; a standard album with jewel case and a booklet and a premium album as a digipak with enhanced CD-ROM content and two bonus tracks (see below).

The album achieved Gold status in early September 2015 having sold more than 100,000 copies in Germany.

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