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Plan Three - Achilles Heel (2007)

Plan Three - Achilles Heel (2007)

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Plan Three is a band from Stockholm, Sweden, formed in 2000. The band consists of Viktor Markowicz (vocals), Mathias Garneij (guitar), Tommie Hammar (guitar), Peter Kjellin (bass), David Clewett (keyboard) and Kristoffer Folin (drums).

After a couple of years of performing live in Sweden and releasing self produced demos the band got signed by record label Dogmatic in 2007 and released the single "Achilles Heel" (distributed by Universal Music). The same year the band supported Takida on their fall tour in Sweden. In 2008 the band played at the Peace & Love festival in Borlänge, Sweden among other places and at the end of the summer a new single entitled "Triggers" was released. Later in November that year the band supported 3 Doors Down at their show in Stockholm.

Plan Three Discography Full
2007 Achilles Heel
2009 Screaming Our Sins
2017 Wish I Was Stormborne

2011 The Signal - Part One
2018 Live Studio Session EP

2007 Achilles Heel
2008 Triggers
2008 Still Broke
2008 Brush It Off
2011 Chasing Tornadoes
2014 When Everything Comes to an End
2017 Welcome to the Edge
2017 The Otherside
2017 Echo
2019 Narcissistic Man
2019 Taravana

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