Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Takida - The Darker Instinct (2009)

Takida - The Darker Instinct (2009)

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"Get Me Started"   3:52

"As You Die"   3:31

"End Is Near"   3:32

"Never Alone Always Alone"   4:05

"The Things We Owe"   3:43

"Deadlock"   3:27

"Walk On By"   4:16

"Caroline"   3:21

"Hours"   4:11

"Between the Lines"   3:50

"Tonight"   3:43

"Trigger"   4:02

"Too Late"   4:22

The Darker Instinct is the 3rd studio album by Swedish rock band Takida. It was recorded at Big Island Sound in Stockholm, Sweden. The album was released on September 2, 2009. The album entered the Swedish album chart at No. 1 and was certified gold after just one week of sales.

The album charted for a total of 41 weeks and was certified platinum during 2010.

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