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The Hellacopters - Rock & Roll Is Dead (2005)

The Hellacopters - Rock & Roll Is Dead (2005)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Before the Fall"   2:11

2. "Everything's on T.V."   3:14

3. "Monkey Boy"   2:38

4. "No Angel to Lay Me Away"   3:55

5. "Bring It On Home"   2:11

6. "Leave It Alone"  4:00

7. "Murder on My Mind"   3:10

8. "I'm in the Band"   3:19

9. "Put out the Fire"   3:08

10. "I Might Come See You Tonight"   3:24

11. "Nothing Terribly New"   2:59

12. "Make It Tonight"   2:44

13. "Time Got No Time to Wait for Me"   3:28


The Hellacopters Band Members / Musicians

Nicke Andersson – Vocals guitars, piano, percussion

Robert Dahlqvist – Guitars, vocals

Kenny Håkansson – Bass guitar

Anders Lindström – Organ, piano, guitar, backing vocals

Robert Eriksson – Drums, backing vocals

Pelle Almqvist – Howl

Linn Segolsson – Backing vocals

Clarisse Muvemba – Backing vocals

Mattias Bärjed – Acoustic guitar

Johan Bååth – Hand claps

Chips Kiesbye – Producer, engineer

Michael Ibert – Engineer

Janne hansson – Engineer

Henrik Johnsson – Mastering

Rock & Roll Is Dead is the 6th studio album released by the Swedish rock band The Hellacopters. The first edition of the CD came with a 25-minute bonus DVD entitled Poking at the Stiff and chronicled the second of the two weeks of recording the album. The vinyl release had seven different colors of the vinyl: brown, green, white, clear, orange, red and black. There was also picture disc from Sacred Heart Recordings available in a limited run of 200 units with the inner sleeve artwork printed on the vinyl and the songs "It Might Mean Something To You" and "Positively So Naive" as bonus tracks.

The song "I'm in the Band" is available as a bonus song in the game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and "Bring It on Home" can be heard in the game NHL 07.

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