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Therion - Secret of the Runes (2001)

Therion - Secret of the Runes (2001)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Ginnungagap" - 6:10

"Midgård" - 5:04

"Asgård" - 4:07 About this soundsample (help·info)

"Jotunheim" - 3:43

"Schwarzalbenheim" - 5:18

"Ljusalfheim" - 3:53

"Muspelheim" - 2:13

"Nifelheim" - 4:33

"Vanaheim" - 4:02

"Helheim" - 3:18

"Secret of the Runes" - 4:30

Digipak edition

Digipak contains two bonus tracks

"Crying Days" (Scorpions cover) - 4:32

"Summer Night City" (ABBA cover) - 4:55

Limited edition

Limited edition also contains two bonus tracks

"The Wings of the Hydra (live)"

"Black Sun (live)"


Runes shown on the front cover (and also in the booklet) are Nordic runes with the Elder Futhark alphabet. On the back cover every song has its own rune character:

Runic letter uruz.svg "Ginnungagap (Prologue)"

Runic letter jeran.svg "Midgård"

Runic letter gebo.svg "Asgård"

Runic letter naudiz.svg "Jotunheim"

Runic letter iwaz.svg "Schwarzalbenheim"

Runic letter dagaz.svg "Ljusalfheim"

Runic letter sowilo variant.svg "Muspelheim"

Runic letter isaz.svg "Nifelheim"

Runic letter ingwaz.svg "Vanaheim"

Runic letter haglaz.svg "Helheim"

Runic letter fehu.svg "Secret of the Runes (Epilogue)"

Secret of the Runes title is written in the Elder Futhark alphabet on the front cover as:

Runic letter sowilo variant.svg Runic letter ehwaz.svg Runic letter kauna.svg Runic letter raido.svg Runic letter ehwaz.svg Runic letter tiwaz.svg · Runic letter othalan.svg Runic letter fehu.svg · Runic letter thurisaz.svg Runic letter ehwaz.svg · Runic letter raido.svg Runic letter uruz.svg Runic letter naudiz.svg Runic letter ehwaz.svg Runic letter sowilo variant.svg

and it is transliterated as: "sekret of þe runes".

Therion Band Members / Musicians

Christofer Johnsson - rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion, additional choir and orchestra arrangement on Bonus Tracks

Kristian Niemann - lead and rhythm guitar

Johan Niemann - bass guitar

Sami Karppinen - drums, percussion

Piotr Wawrzeniuk - lead vocals on "Crying Days" and "Summernight City"

Vocal and string soloists

Marika Schonberg - solo soprano

Erika Andersson - solo alto

Carl Rahmqvist - solo tenor-baritone

Anna Rodell - solo violin

Asa Akerberg - solo cello

Thomas Karlsson - whispering voice on "Ljusalfheim"


Kristina Hansson - coloratura soprano

Anna-Maria Krawe - soprano

Anna Artursson - alto

Marika Schonberg - alto

Henrik Holmberg - tenor

Patrik Forsman - tenor

Carl Rahmqvist - tenor-baritone

Joakim Berg - bass-baritone

String ensemble

Anna Rodell - first violin

Josef Cabrales-Alin - first violin

Malin Samuelsson - second violin

Johan Moren - second violin

Linda Svedrup - viola

Niklas Sjunesson - viola

Asa Akerberg - cello

Monica Jonsson - cello

Woodwinds (solo and ensemble)

Fareidah Hildebrand - flute, alt flute, piccolo

Erik Rodell - oboe, English horn

Henrik Blixt - bassoon, contrabassoon

Brass ensemble

Mikael Sorensen - trumpet, fluegelhorn

Ayman Al Fakir - horn, Wagner tuba

Kristina Borg - horn

Rune Bodin - trombone

Choir and orchestra on Bonus Tracks

Anna Rodell - first violin

Elisabeth Lagergren - second violin

Petter Axelsson - viola

Erik Rodell - oboe

Ingela Bolin - soprano (ensemble and solo), alto

Anna Artursson - soprano, alto

Henrik Holmberg - tenor, baritone

Pierre Pettersson - tenor (ensemble and solo), baritone

Secret of the Runes is the 10th full-length musical album by Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. It's a concept album based on Norse mythology, where each song describes one of the nine worlds. Cover artwork was made by Thomas Ewerhard, it features nine Scandinavian runes, each corresponding to a certain mythological world.

Album also includes two cover versions as bonus tracks. A music video was filmed for the Summer Night City cover.

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