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Therion - Theli (1996)

Therion - Theli (1996)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Preludium" – 1:43

"To Mega Therion" – 6:34 About this soundsample (help·info) (The title reflects the Greek reference to The Beast in the Christian Book of Revelation)

"Cults of the Shadow" – 5:14

"In the Desert of Set" – 5:29

"Interludium" – 1:47

"Nightside of Eden" – 7:31

"Opus Eclipse" – 3:41

"Invocation of Naamah" – 5:31

"The Siren of the Woods" – 9:55

"Grand Finale / Postludium" – 4:04

Japanese edition

"In Remembrance"

"Black Fairy"

"Fly to the Rainbow" (Scorpions cover)


Therion Band Members / Musicians

Christofer Johnsson – guitar, vocals, keyboards

Piotr Wawrzeniuk – drums, vocals

Lars Rosenberg – bass guitar

Jonas Mellberg – guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards 

Dan Swanö – vocals

Jan Peter Genkel – grand piano, keyboards, programming

Gottfried Koch – keyboards, programming

North German Radio Choir

Raphaela Mayhaus – soprano

Bettina Stumm – soprano

Ursula Ritters – alto

Ergin Onat – tenor

Joachim Gebhardt – bass

Klaus Bulow – bass

Siren Choir

Anja Krenz – solo soprano

Constanze Arens – soprano

Riekje Weber – alto

Stephan Gade – tenor

Axel Patz – solo bass-baritone

Theli is an album released by the symphonic metal band Therion. While Theli stays true to the band's roots in that it has a very dark sound, it is a major turning point in their history. Set, Egyptian god, is shown on the front cover. This was the last album on which Christofer Johnsson sang until 2004's "Lemuria". A music video was filmed for the song "To Mega Therion".

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