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Therion - Vovin (1998)

Therion - Vovin (1998)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah" - 6:45

"Birth of Venus Illegitima" - 5:13

"Wine of Aluqah" - 5:02

"Clavicula Nox" - 8:47

"The Wild Hunt" - 3:47

"Eye of Shiva" - 6:17

"Black Sun" - 5:08

"Draconian Trilogy: The Opening" - 1:28

"Draconian Trilogy: Morning Star" - 3:34

"Draconian Trilogy: Black Diamonds" - 2:56

"Raven of Dispersion" - 5:57

All music written by Christofer Johnsson. All lyrics written by Thomas Karlsson

Therion Band Members / Musicians

Christofer Johnsson - guitar, keyboards

Tommy Eriksson - guitar

Wolf Simon - drums

Jan Kazda - bass guitar, additional arrangements, orchestra and choir conducting

Waldemar Sorychta - additional guitars

Siegfried Bemm - additionals guitars, production, mixing, mastering

Lorentz Aspen - Hammond organ ("Draconian Trilogy")

Ralf Scheepers - lead vocals ("The Wild Hunt")

Martina Astner - solo and duet alto and soprano vocals

Sarah Jezebel Deva - solo and duet alto and soprano vocals


Eileen Küpper - soprano

Angelica Märtz - soprano

Dorothea Fischer - alto

Anne Tributh - alto

Gregor Dippel - tenor

Max Cilotek - tenor

Javier Zapater - bass

Jochen Bauer - bass

Indigo Orchestra

Orchestration was made by Indigo Orchestra

Petra Stalz - violin

Heike Haushalter - violin

Monika Maltek - viola

Gesa Hangen - cello

Alois Kott - double bass, contrabass

Vovin (in Enochian VOVIN, VOVINA means dragon) is the 7th full-length musical album by symphonic metal band Therion. It is their bestselling album, selling over 150,000 copies in Europe alone. Even though it was released under the name Therion, Christofer Johnsson regards this as his solo album, as it was recorded entirely with studio musicians who were not members of the band.

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