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Alice Bag - Alice Bag (2016)

Alice Bag - Alice Bag (2016)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Little Hypocrite"   3:08

2. "He's So Sorry"   4:20

3. "Programmed"   2:18

4. "Suburban Home"   4:56

5. "The Touch I Crave"   2:50

6. "Poisoned Seed"   3:16

7. "No Means No"   2:38

8. "Weigh About You"   2:00

9. "Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice"   2:45

10. "Incorporeal Life"   4:00

11. "Inesperado Adios"   5:35

Total length:   37:46

Alice Bag is the debut solo album by Alice Bag, released on Don Giovanni Records in 2016. The cover art was created by Martin Sorrondeguy.

Alicia "Alice" Armendariz, (born November 7, 1958) known professionally as Alice Bag, is an American punk rock singer, musician, author, educator and feminist archivist. She is the lead singer and co-founder of the Bags, one of the first wave of punk bands to form in the mid-1970s in Los Angeles. Her first book Violence Girl, From East LA Rage to Hollywood Stage is the story of her upbringing in East Los Angeles, her eventual migration to Hollywood and the euphoria and aftermath of the first punk wave. This bilingual former elementary school teacher continues as an author, outspoken activist, feminist and a self-proclaimed troublemaker.

Bag has remained active in music since the late 1970s and released her second book in 2015. She released Alice Bag, her debut solo album on Don Giovanni Records in June 2016. A second solo album, Blueprint, was released in 2018.

Alice Bag Discography - Solo albums

2016 Alice Bag (2016)

2018 Blueprint (2018)

2020 Sister Dynamite (2020)

Alice Bag and the Sissybears

2017 Alice Bag and the Sissybears


1978 Survive

2003 Disco's Dead


2007 All Bagged Up: The Collected Works 1977–1980

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