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Atlas - Reasons for Voyaging (2007)

Atlas - Reasons for Voyaging (2007)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Disillusioned" – 5:16

"Is This Real" – 3:46

"Crawl" – 3:56

"Early Warning" – 5:31

"Magic 8" – 4:03

"Mr Sorrow" – 4:16

"Fragile" – 4:32

"Downfall" – 3:38

"Saving Grace" – 4:36

"Doctor"/"Firefly" – 9:39

"Shut" - 4:08 (iTunes bonus track)

"Art Of Conversation" - 3:54 (iTunes bonus track)

Atlas Band Members / Musicians

Sean Cunningham – Vocals and Guitar

Beth Campbell – Vocals

Ben Campbell – Bass, Keys and BV's

Andy Lynch - Lead Guitar, Percussion and BV's

Joe McCallum - Drums and Percussion

Don Bartle - Mastering

Neil Baldoc, David Nicholas - Engineer

Dave Paul - Assistant Engineer

David Nicholas - Mixer

Andrew Edgson - Mix Assistant

Josh Telford - Mix Assistant

Reasons for Voyaging is the debut album by New Zealand-based rock band Atlas, released on 19 November 2007. The album was recorded with David Nicholas (Pulp, Ash, Elton John and INXS) and produced by Hank Linderman (The Beach Boys, Eagles) at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios in Auckland.

Atlas were a New Zealand rock band which was formed in 2005 and disbanded in late 2008.

In April 2005, in Hollywood, California, producer Hank Linderman (The Beach Boys, Eagles) introduced New Zealand rocker Ben Campbell (a former member of the band Zed) and his sister Beth Campbell (a backing vocalist for the band Chicago), to 19-year-old American solo artist Sean Cunningham. Together with Joe McCallum, the group decided to form the band Atlas.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Atlas released their second single "Crawl" in March, 2007, and on 5 March, "Crawl" debuted at #9 before moving up to claim the top spot of the Official New Zealand Music Chart the next week, where it stayed for a total of seven weeks. Their next single was "Magic 8".

Atlas released their debut album Reasons for Voyaging on 19 November 2007, entering the Official New Zealand Music Chart the following week at #4, which was its peak position.

Atlas Discography Full

2007 Reasons for Voyaging


2005 "Is This Real"

2007 "Crawl"

2007 "Magic 8"

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