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Böhse Onkelz - Weiß & Schwarz (1993)

Böhse Onkelz - Weiß & Schwarz (1993)

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"Lieber stehend sterben" (Rather die standing)

"Entfache dieses Feuer" (Spark this fire)

"Das Wunder der Persönlichkeit" (The wonders of the personality)

"Fahrt zur Hölle" (Go to hell)

"Alles F. a. M." (All cunts except for mom)

"Willkommen" (Welcome)

"Für immer" (Forever)

"Deutschland im Herbst" (Germany in autumn)

"Es" (It)

"Sie hat 'nen Motor" (She's got a motor)

"Tribute to Stevie"

"Schöne neue Welt" (Beautiful new world)


13. "Erkennen Sie die Melodie" (Do you recognize this melody)

14. "Wenn wir einmal Engel sind" (If we're once angels)

15. "So geht's dir (deine Hölle)" (This is how you feel (Your hell))

16. "Der Himmel kann warten" (Heaven can wait)

17. "Ich bin wie ich bin" (I am as I am)

18. "Das Messer und die Wunde" (The knife and the wound)

19. "1000 Fragen" (1000 questions)

20. "Ich bin du" (I'm you)

21. "Worte der Freiheit" (Words of freedom)

22. "Das Rätsel des Lebens" (The mystery of life)

23. "Baja"

Weiß & Schwarz (German for White & Black) is a work consisting of two albums by German rock band Böhse Onkelz. Both were released at the same time in 1993. The track numbering begins with 1 through 12 on Weiß and ends with 13 through 23 on Schwarz.

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