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Cinema Bizarre - ToyZ (2009)

Cinema Bizarre - ToyZ (2009)

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1. "Le Generique"   1:19

2. "Touching And Kissing"   3:36

3. "I Came 2 Party (with Space Cowboy)"   3:25

4. "Deeper And Deeper"  3:27

5. "Erase And Replace"   4:16

6. "My Obsession"   3:57

7. "Je Ne Regrette Rien"   3:24

8. "Dark Star"   3:20

9. "Toyz"   3:40

10. "In Your Cage"   4:11

11. "Heaven Is Wrapped In Chains"   3:23

12. "Hypnotized By Jane"   3:48

13. "Blasphemy"   4:08

14. "I Don't Wanna Know (If U Got Laid)"   3:23

15. "Out Of Love"   3:35

16. "Sad Day (For Happiness)"   3:48

17. "Tears In Vegas"   3:57

18. "Le Generique De Fin"   1:15

ToyZ is the 2nd and final studio album by German glam rock band Cinema Bizarre. After their debut album, Final Attraction was a moderate hit, they began working on their second studio album. The first single from the album is called "I Came 2 Party," featuring Space Cowboy. Originally the first single was to be a song entitled "My Obsession," however this release was canceled due to fans taking advantage of a mistake on the part of iTunes. When the single was put up two days too early, fans were able to download the track and the song quickly spread, resulting in an announcement from the band that "I Came 2 Party" would be released instead. The album release date was also postponed until mid-August. "My Obsession" was later released as the second single from the album.

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