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Debbie Harry - KooKoo (1981)

Debbie Harry - KooKoo (1981)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side A

"Jump Jump" (Deborah Harry, Chris Stein) – 4:04

"The Jam Was Moving" (Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers) – 2:59

"Chrome" (Deborah Harry, Chris Stein) – 4:17

"Surrender" (Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers) – 3:37

"Inner City Spillover" (Deborah Harry, Chris Stein) – 5:04

Side B

"Backfired" (Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers) – 4:54

"Now I Know You Know" (Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers) – 5:39

"Under Arrest" (Bernard Edwards, Deborah Harry, Nile Rodgers, Chris Stein) – 3:03

"Military Rap" (Deborah Harry, Chris Stein) – 3:51

"Oasis" (Bernard Edwards, Deborah Harry, Nile Rodgers, Chris Stein) – 4:59

Bonus Tracks CD Re-Issue UK 1994

"Backfired" 12" Mix – 6:23

"The Jam Was Moving" 12" Mix – 5:03

Bonus Track CD Re-Issue US 1999

"Backfired" 12" Mix – 6:23

Bonus Tracks CD Re-Issue 2011

"Backfired" 12" Mix – 6:23

"The Jam Was Moving" 12" Mix – 5:03

"Inner City Spillover" 12" Mix – 5:58

Debbie Harry Band Members / Musicians

Debbie Harry – vocals

Nile Rodgers – guitar, vocals on "Backfired"

Bernard Edwards – bass guitar

Tony Thompson – drums

Robert Sabino – keyboards

Raymond Jones – keyboards

Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr. – keyboards

Chris Stein – guitar

Vinnie Della Rocca – horns

Ray Maldonado – horns

Sammy Figueroa – percussion

Manolo Badrena – percussion

Roger Squitero – percussion

Spud Devo – backing vocals

Pud Devo – backing vocals

Gordon Grody – backing vocals

Fonzi Thornton – backing vocals

Chuck Martin – dog bark

Nile Rodgers – producer for Chic Organization Ltd.

Bernard Edwards – producer for Chic Organization Ltd.

Bill Scheniman – sound engineer

Jason Corsaro – second engineer

H. R. Giger – cover concept and painting

Brian Aris – photography

Peter Wagg – art direction

Dennis King – mastering at Atlantic Studios

Recorded and mixed at The Power Station, NYC

KooKoo is the debut solo album by American singer Debbie Harry, released on July 27, 1981, by Chrysalis Records. Produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic, the album was recorded whilst Harry took a break from her band Blondie. It was a mild commercial success, reaching number 25 on the US Billboard 200 and number six on the UK Albums Chart.

Deborah Ann Harry (born Angela Trimble; July 1, 1945) is an American singer, songwriter and actress, known as the lead vocalist of the band Blondie. Her recordings with the band reached No. 1 in the US and UK charts on many occasions from 1979 to 2017.

Born in Miami, Florida, Harry was adopted as an infant and raised in Hawthorne, New Jersey. After attending college, she worked various jobs, including as a secretary (including at the BBC in New York), dancer, and Playboy Bunny, before breaking through in the music industry. Harry co-formed Blondie in 1974 in New York City. The band released their eponymous debut album in 1976, and released a further three albums between then and 1979, including Parallel Lines, which spawned six singles, including "Heart of Glass". Their fifth record, Autoamerican (1980), afforded Harry and the band further attention, spawning such hits as a cover of "The Tide Is High", and "Rapture", the latter of which is considered the first rap song to chart at number one in the United States.

In 1981, Harry released her debut solo album, KooKoo, and, during a hiatus of Blondie, embarked on an acting career, appearing in lead roles in the neo-noir Union City (1980) and in David Cronenberg's body horror film Videodrome (1983). She released her second solo album, Rockbird, in 1986, and subsequently starred in John Waters's cult dance film Hairspray (1988). Harry went on to release two more solo albums between then and 1993, after which she returned to film with roles in a John Carpenter-directed segment of the horror film Body Bags (1993), and in the drama Heavy (1995).

Blondie reunited in the late 1990s, releasing No Exit (1999), followed by The Curse of Blondie (2003). Harry continued to appear in independent films throughout the 2000s, including Deuces Wild (2002), My Life Without Me (2003) and Eulogy (2008). With Blondie, she released the group's ninth studio album, Panic of Girls, in 2011, followed by Ghosts of Download (2014). The band's eleventh studio album, 2017's Pollinator, charted at number 4 in the United Kingdom.

Debbie Harry Discography Full

1981 KooKoo

1986 Rockbird

1989 Def, Dumb & Blonde

1993 Debravation

2007 Necessary Evil

Compilations and other albums

1988 Once More into the Bleach (Debbie Harry and Blondie)

1991 The Complete Picture: The Very Best of Deborah Harry and Blondie (Deborah Harry and Blondie)

1998 Deborah Harry Collection

1999 Most of All: The Best of Deborah Harry

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