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Default - Elocation (2003)

Default - Elocation (2003)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Who Followed Who?"   3:24

2. "(Taking My) Life Away"   4:12

3. "Movin' On"   3:31

4. "Throw It All Away"   3:29

5. "Cruel" (Jeff Buckley, Gary Lucas)   4:39

6. "Made to Lie"   3:15

7. "Crossing the Line"   2:35

8. "Without You"   3:40

9. "Break Down Doors"   3:03

10. "Enough"   3:38

11. "All She Wrote"   4:00

12. "Alone"   3:23

13. "Let You Down (Acoustic)" (bonus track)   3:29

Bonus tracks

"Cruel" (Acoustic) - 4:25 (from a TVT Records Sampler 2005) (German Count on Me CDS)

"(Taking My) Life Away" (Acoustic) - 4:10 (from a 2003 promotional test pressing CD single)

Default Band Members / Musicians

Alex "Condor" Aligizakis - assistant engineer

Benjamin Wheelock - design

Bryan Coleman - management

Butch Walker - piano, producer

Chad Kroeger - producer

Christian Mock - digital editing, engineer, keyboard programming, percussion

Christie Priode - production coordination

Dallas Smith - vocals

Danny Craig - drums

Dave Benedict - bass

Gordie Johnson - slide guitar

Honchol Sin - assistant

J. Quinton Hall - assistant engineer

Jeremy James Hora - guitar

Joey Moi - engineer, producer

Jon Plum - keyboard programming, percussion

Jose Borges - assistant

Kenny Cresswell - drum technician

Leonard B. Johnson - A&R

Phil Klum - mastering

Rich Hopkins - organ

Rick Parashar - digital editing, engineer, piano, producer, tamboura

Rusty Cobb - engineer

Ryan Anderson - digital editing

Sean Loughlin - assistant engineer

Selena "Selones" Hollebone - assistant engineer

Elocation is the 2nd studio album by Canadian hard rock band Default. It was released on November 25, 2003 by TVT Records. The album spawned three singles, including the song "(Taking My) Life Away", which aired on Muzak's Power Rock station. This album failed to match the success of their debut, but is the band's second most commercially successful album being certified Gold in Canada. The final track, an acoustic version of "Let You Down," originally appeared on their previous album.

The album was produced by Butch Walker and Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and contains a cover of the song "Cruel" by Jeff Buckley.

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