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Finger Eleven (as Rainbow Butt Monkeys) - Letters from Chutney (1995)

Finger Eleven (as Rainbow Butt Monkeys) - Letters from Chutney (1995)

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1. "As Far as I Can Spit"   3:56
2. "Danananana"   4:54
3. "Brat"   3:57
4. "Circles"   4:31
5. "Spiderprints"   4:01
6. "Nibber"   3:34
7. "Dropping"   3:41
8. "St. Louis"   3:15
9. "Scrumpy"   3:22
10. "Cake"   4:08
11. "Cookin' in the Kitchen"   5:22
12. "Let's Pretend"   5:16

"Circles" (1995)
"As Far as I Can Spit" (1996)
"Danananana" (1996)

Finger Eleven Band Members / Musicians

Rainbow Butt Monkeys

Scott Anderson – vocals
James Black – guitar, vocals
Rick Jackett – guitar
Sean Anderson – bass
Rob Gommerman – drums

John Punter – engineering, mixing
Atilla Turi – engineering
L. Stu Young – engineering
Sean McKim – engineering, assistant engineer
Andre Plante – engineering, assistant engineer
Kurtys Kidd – assistant engineer
David Tedesco – assistant engineer
Bill Kipper – mastering

Cy Anderson – cover
Andrew MacNaughtan – band photography

Letters from Chutney is the debut album recorded by the Canadian rock band Rainbow Butt Monkeys, now known as Finger Eleven. It features a different sound than Finger Eleven's subsequent albums, with funk and grunge influences. The album is currently out of print, though available for special order. The album produced three singles, all of which had videos released. The name of the album comes from a dog with a missing eye that the band found on the side of the road. They gave it the name Chutney.

Finger Eleven is a Canadian rock band from Burlington, Ontario, formed in 1990. They have released seven studio albums (six as Finger Eleven and one as Rainbow Butt Monkeys), with their album The Greyest of Blue Skies bringing them into the mainstream. Their 2003 self-titled album achieved Gold status in the United States and Platinum in Canada, largely from the success of the single "One Thing", which marked the band's first placing on the US Hot 100 Chart at number 16. Their 2007 album, Them vs. You vs. Me launched the single "Paralyzer", which went on to top the Canadian Hot 100 and both US rock charts, as well as reaching No. 6 on the US Hot 100 and No. 12 on the Australian Singles Chart. They won the Juno Award for Rock Album of the Year in 2008. The same album was later certified gold in the US and multi-platinum in Canada. They released their sixth studio album, Life Turns Electric, on October 5, 2010; it was nominated as Best Rock Album of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2011. Five Crooked Lines, their 7th studio album, was released in 2015. Between 1995 and 2016, Finger Eleven was among the top 75 best-selling Canadian artists in Canada and among the top 25 best-selling Canadian bands in Canada.

Finger Eleven Band Members / Musicians

Scott Anderson – lead vocals (1990–present)

James Black – lead guitar, backing vocals (1990–

Rick Jackett – rhythm guitar (1990–present)

Sean Anderson – bass (1990–present)

Steve Molella – drums (2014–present)

Rob Gommerman – drums (1990–1998)

Rich Beddoe – drums (1998–2013)

Chris Powell – drums (2014)

Finger Eleven Discography Full
Letters from Chutney (1995) (as Rainbow Butt Monkeys)
Tip (1997)
The Greyest of Blue Skies (2000)
Finger Eleven (2003)
Them vs. You vs. Me (2007)
Life Turns Electric (2010)
Five Crooked Lines (2015)

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