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Indochine - Le Baiser (1990)

Indochine - Le Baiser (1990)

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Le baiser - 4:10 (The Kiss)

Des fleurs pour Salinger - 3:14 (Flowers for Salinger)

More - 7:03

Alertez Managua - 3:55 (Alert Managua)

Les années bazar - 3:52 (The Bazaar Years)

Punishment Park - 3:50

Soudain l'été dernier, je suppose - 3:52 (Suddenly Last Summer, I Guess)

Les plus mauvaises nuits - 3:47 (The Worst Nights)

Persane Thème - 2:29

Tant de poussière - 4:35 (So Much Dust)

La colline des roses - 3:57 (The Hill of Roses)


Indochine Band Members / Musicians

Nicola Sirkis: Vocals, Harmonica

Dominique Nicolas: Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers

Stephane Sirkis: Bass, Guitars, Synthesizers

Martin Hanlin: Drums, Percussion

Juliette Binoche: Additional Vocals on "Punishment Park"

Florence Agustin: Cello

Claire Julien de la Ferrière: Clarinet

Philippe Eidel: Piano, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals

Mammoud Tabrizi-Zadeh: Santoor, Kemenche

Le baiser (The Kiss) is the 5th studio album by French new wave band, Indochine. It was released in 1990 and is the follow-up album to 7000 Danses.

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