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Indochine - Paradize (2002)

Indochine - Paradize (2002)

Tracklist front / back album covers

"Paradize" (Olivier Gérard, Ann Scott, Nicola Sirkis) – 4:49

"Electrastar" (Olivier Gérard, Nicola Sirkis) – 5:30

"Punker" (Nicola Sirkis) – 2:50

"Mao Boy!" (Olivier Gérard, Nicola Sirkis) – 5:42 (music video shot & directed by J.G BIGGS and Peggy M)

"J'ai demandé à la lune" (Mickaël Furnon) – 3:29

"Dunkerque" (Olivier Gérard, Nicola Sirkis) – 5:48

"Like a Monster" (Nicola Sirkis, Jérôme Soligny) – 3:56

"Le grand secret" (with Melissa Auf der Maur - Olivier Gérard, Nicola Sirkis) – 5:50

"La nuit des fées" (Olivier Gérard, Gérard Manset, Nicola Sirkis) – 4:58

"Marilyn" (Olivier Gérard, Nicola Sirkis) – 5:55

"Le manoir" (Olivier Gérard, Boris Jardel, Nicola Sirkis) – 5:05

"Popstitute" (Marc Eliard, Olivier Gérard, Boris Jardel, Mathieu Rabaté, Nicola Sirkis) – 4:00

"Dark" (Olivier Gérard, Rudy Leonet, Nicola Sirkis) – 4:37

"Comateen" (Olivier Gérard, Camille Laurens, Nicola Sirkis) – 6:07

"Un singe en hiver" (Jean-Louis Murat) – 3:46

Indochine Band Members / Musicians

Nicola Sirkis : Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards/Synths

Oli de Sat : Guitar/Keyboards/Synths

Marc Eliard : Bass/Background vocals

Boris Jardel : Guitar/Background vocals

Mathieu Rabaté : Drums

Background vocals : Marc Morgan

Engineer : Phil Delire

Pro-tools : Jean-Paul Gonnod and Phil Delire

Mixing : Gareth Jones and Phil Delire

Mastering : George Marino

Art direction, photo and logo : Peggy M.

Executive producer : Herve Lauzanne

Paradize is a 2002 album recorded by French band Indochine. It was its 9th studio album and was released on 14 May 2002. It achieved great success in francophone countries and even topped the albums chart in Belgium (Wallonia). It provided six singles, which became hit singles : "Punker" (#67 in France), "J'ai demandé à la lune" (#1 in France and Belgium, #4 in Switzerland), "Mao Boy" (#18 in France, #20 in Belgium), "Le grand secret" (#9 in France, #35 in Belgium, #37 in Switzerland), "Marilyn" (#22 in France, #25 in Belgium, #71 in Switzerland) and "Un singe en hiver" (#19 in France, #15 in Belgium, #69 in Switzerland). The French edition of Rolling Stone magazine named this album the 98th greatest French rock album (out of 100).

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