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Jefferson Starship - Jefferson's Tree of Liberty (2008)

Jefferson Starship - Jefferson's Tree of Liberty (2008)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Wasn't That a Time"   2:38
2. "Follow the Drinking Gourd"   3:04
3. "Santy Anno"   3:14
4. "Cowboy on the Run"   4:34
5. "I Ain't Marching Anymore"   3:13
6. "Chimes of Freedom"   3:54
7. "Genesis Hall"   3:14
8. "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"   3:30
9. "Royal Canal (The Auld Triangle)"   3:17
10. "Rising of the Moon"   2:08
11. "Frenario"   4:07
12. "In a Crisis"   4:45
13. "Maybe for You" (from Windows of Heaven)   2:51
14. "Commandante Carlos Fonseca"   3:24
15. "Pastures of Plenty"   3:22
16. "Imagine Redemption" (arrangement of "Imagine" and "Redemption Song")   3:13
17. "On the Threshold of Fire"   4:49
18. "The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood"   2:58

Hidden track
19. "Surprise Surprise"   4:53

Jefferson Starship Band Members / Musicians

Paul Kantner – vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar, banjo, glass harmonica, 'George Harrison' lead guitar, 12-string electric guitar

David Freiberg – vocals, acoustic guitar, washboard guitar

Cathy Richardson – vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar

Chris Smith – piano, bass, squeezebox, drone, pennywhistle, string synthesizer

Slick Aguilar – tremolo and 'Soldano' electric guitar on "Genesis Hall", lead guitar on "Maybe for You"

Prairie Prince – drums, snare, kick, bodhran

Donny Baldwin – drums (supporting tour)

Darby Gould – vocals on "Genesis Hall", "In a Crisis", and "The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood"

Diana Mangano – vocals on "Royal Canal" and "Commandante Carlos Fonseca"

Marty Balin – acoustic guitar and vocals on "Maybe for You"

David Grisman – mandolin on "Frenario" and "Pastures of Plenty"

Grace Slick – vocals on "Surprise Surprise" (uncredited)

David LaFlamme – violin on "Wasn't That a Time"

Michael Gaiman – flat-picked acoustic guitar on "Wasn't That a Time"

Michael Eisenstein – acoustic guitar on "Wasn't That a Time"

Barry Sless – pedal steel guitar on "Cowboy on the Run" and "In a Crisis"

The Wailin' Cowgirls (Cathy Richardson, Linda Imperial) – vocals on "Cowboy on the Run"

Jack Casady – bass on "Maybe for You"

T Lavitz – keyboards on "Maybe for You"

The I-Jays (Paul Kantner, David Freiberg, Darby Gould) – vocals on "Imagine Redemption"

Alexander Kantner – electric bass guitar on "On the Threshold of Fire"

Paul Lamb – French horn on "On the Threshold of Fire"

Jack Traylor – vocals on "Surprise Surprise" (uncredited)

Michael Gaiman – manager, producer, mixer, art & booklet design, layout & direction, liner notes

David Freiberg – producer, mixer, additional recording, liner notes

Paul Kantner – producer, mixer, liner notes

Paul Lamb – engineer, mixer

Cathy Richardson – additional recording

John Ovnik – additional recording
"Surprise Surprise" recorded at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco, October 27, 1970

"Maybe for You" recorded at Coast Recorders in San Francisco, 1998

Recorded at Renegade Studios in San Rafael, March 16–30 and May 14–18, 2008

Additional recording at FreeMountain studios and in Chicago

Paul Stubblebine – mastering

Rebecca Baltutis, Jesse Obstbaum – art & booklet design, layout & direction

Mike Thut – photography

Jefferson's Tree of Liberty is the 10th album by Jefferson Starship, released on September 2, 2008. It is the band's first studio album since 1999's Windows of Heaven. The new album includes cover songs from Irish, American, English, and Latin-American traditions. The title is a reference to Thomas Jefferson's quotation, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." The idea began in 2003 as "The Cuba Project", which was to include classic protest and folk songs recorded in Cuba. In 2008 the album was finally recorded but in California. About half of the songs planned for The Cuba Project were used on the final cut, with other songs coming from Jefferson Starship's previous repertoire and another project band member Paul Kantner had planned called "On the Threshold of Fire." The promotional tour for the album began in late June with shows at Larkspur, California followed by tours in the US and Europe before the album's release, and continued through December 2008 with a further tour in the US and a tour in Japan. On February 1, 2009, more tour dates and venues were announced by the band's manager Michael Gaiman, with additional plans to continue the tour through 2010 and bring it to Australia and South America. David Grisman joined the band for the April 2009 tour dates. The band's promotion for the album ended in June 2009 as the band changed their set-list to Jefferson Airplane's Woodstock Festival material and started touring with the "Heroes of Woodstock" through the end of October.

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