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Laura Nyro - More Than a New Discovery (1967)

Laura Nyro - More Than a New Discovery (1967)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one

1. "Goodbye Joe"   2:38

2. "Billy's Blues"   3:20

3. "And When I Die"   2:40

4. "Stoney End"   2:46

5. "Lazy Susan"   3:53

6. "Hands Off the Man" (later known as "Flim Flam Man")   2:29

Side two

1. "Wedding Bell Blues"   2:44

2. "Buy and Sell"   3:38

3. "He's a Runner"   3:40

4. "Blowin' Away"   2:23

5. "I Never Meant to Hurt You"   2:52

6. "California Shoeshine Boys"   2:45

The First Songs Album Version

Side one

1. "Wedding Bell Blues"   2:44

2. "Billy's Blues"   3:20

3. "California Shoeshine Boys"   2:45

4. "Blowin' Away"   2:23

5. "Lazy Susan"   3:53

6. "Goodbye Joe"   2:38

Side two

1. "Flim Flam Man"   2:29

2. "Stoney End"   2:46

3. "I Never Meant to Hurt You"   2:56

4. "He's a Runner"   3:40

5. "Buy and Sell"   3:38

6. "And When I Die"   2:40

Laura Nyro Band Members / Musicians

Laura Nyro - guitar, keyboards, vocals, songwriter

Jay Berliner - guitar

Stan Free - piano

Bill LaVorgna - drums

Buddy Lucas - harmonica

Lou Mauro - double bass

James Sedlar - French horn

Herb Bernstein - arranger, conductor, flugelhorn

Milton Okun - producer

Jean Goldhirsch - assistant producer

Jerry Schoenbaum - production supervision

Val Valentin - director of engineering

Harry Yarmark - engineer

More Than a New Discovery is the debut album by Bronx-born singer, songwriter, and pianist Laura Nyro. It was recorded during 1966 and released early in following year on the Verve Folkways imprint of the Verve Records label.

The name of the label was later changed to Verve Forecast and the album was re-issued on that label as The First Songs in 1969. This re-issue has a different track order and revised cover design. It peaked at #97 on the Billboard 200, then known as the Pop Albums chart. Starting with this release the song "Hands Off the Man" was retitled "Flim Flam Man (Hands Off the Man)".

Columbia Records re-issued The First Songs with all-new cover art (featuring a rose illustration) in 1973.

In 1999, the album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. In 2008, Rev-Ola Records released a remastered version of the original album on Compact Disc with the original song order and the original cover art.

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