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Laura Nyro - Nested (1978)

Laura Nyro - Nested (1978)

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"Mr. Blue (Song of Communications)" - 5:01
"Rhythm and Blues" - 2:57
"My Innocence" - 3:24
"Crazy Love" - 4:18
"American Dreamer" - 4:08
"Springblown" - 4:24
"The Sweet Sky" - 3:32
"Light" - 2:53
"Child in a Universe" - 4:09
"The Nest" - 2:27

Laura Nyro Band Members / Musicians
Laura Nyro - vocals, electric and acoustic piano, church organ, guitar, strings
Will Lee - bass guitar
Andy Newmark - drums
Vinnie Cusano - guitar
John Tropea - guitar
Nydia "Liberty" Mata - percussion
John Sebastian - harmonica
Cyril Cianflone - bass guitar on "Mr. Blue (The Song of Communications)"
Tony Levin - bass guitar on "American Dreamer"
Felix Cavaliere - electric piano on "The Sweet Sky", organ on "The Nest"

Dale Ashby, Frank Koenig - engineer
Adger W. Cowans - photography

Nested is the 7th studio album by Bronx-born singer, songwriter and pianist Laura Nyro, released in 1978 on Columbia Records.

Following on from her extensive tour to promote 1976's Smile, which resulted in the 1977 live album Season of Lights, Nyro retreated to her new home in Danbury, Connecticut, where she lived after spending her time in the spotlight in New York City.

Nyro had a studio built at her home, and recorded the songs that comprised Nested there. The songs deal with themes such as motherhood and womanhood, and it is a notably more relaxed Nyro that sings on the album. The instrumentation is laidback and smooth, similar to that of Smile, but perhaps less jazz-inspired and more melodic. Nyro was assisted in production by Roscoe Harring, while Dale and Pop Ashby were chief engineers.

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