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Matmatah - Rebelote (2001)

Matmatah - Rebelote (2001)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Boeing Down 2:36

Quelques sourires 3:30

Archimède 4:24

Petite mort 4:29

Sushi Bar 2:32

The Grave Digger 3:42

Y'a de la place 3:06

Tricard Twins 3:57

Crève les yeux 4:05

Abonné absent 3:55

Out 9:09

Matmatah Band Members / Musicians

Tristan Nihouarn - guitar, vocals

Éric Digaire - bass, vocals

Cédric Floc'h - guitar, vocals

Jean-François Paillard - drums

Jesus Presley - production

DJ Pone - featured on "Abonné absent" and "Quelques sourires"

(Track listing acquired from's listings and)

Rebelote is the 2nd studio album by the French rock band Matmatah. In this album, Matmatah largely abandoned Celtic rock and references to their hometown of Brittany in favor of traditional rock music. The album sold over 200,000 copies.

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