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Moving Sidewalks - Flash (1969)

Moving Sidewalks - Flash (1969)

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The Moving Sidewalks were an American four-person psychedelic blues rock band of the second half of the 1960s, from Houston, Texas, United States. They released several singles and an album, before bassist Don Summers and keyboardist Tom Moore were drafted into the army, bringing the band to an end. Guitarist Billy Gibbons and drummer Dan Mitchell then formed band ZZ Top.

Moving Sidewalks Discography Full

1969 Flash

1982 99th Floor

2004 The Pre-ZZ Houston Roots

2010 The Roots Of ZZ Top

2012 The Complete Collection


1968 The Moving Sidewalks - A Band From Texas


1967 "99th Floor" / "What Are You Going To Do"

1967 "Need Me" / "Every Night A New Surprise"

1968 "I Want To Hold Your Hand" / "Joe Blues"

1969 "Flashback" (4:15 - radio edit) / "No Good To Cry"

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