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Nightstalker - SideFx (1994)

Nightstalker - SideFx (1994)

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Nightstalker is a stoner metal band from Athens, Greece.

Nightstalker are Argy (vocals), Andreas Lagios (bass), Tolis Motsios (guitar) and Dinos Roulos (drums). Formed in 1989 by the lead singer and drummer at the same time, Argy, Nightstalker have become popular in the underground rock scene as pioneers of the 'heavy rock' scene (later named as stoner rock) and have earned a cult following. Having a classic rock and metal background, and influenced by the grunge rock of the early 1990s, the band managed to combine the raw rock 'n roll simplicity with heavy riffs and hazy, psychedelic tunes. After some releases in several compilations (Toxic Babes in a Rock 'n Roll Land, Divin'), the band became well known after the release of the first EP, SideFX (1994), and the first album Use (1996). Followed by the third release, the EP The Ritual (2000), the main characteristic of the first decade was the combination of drums playing and lead singing by Argy, and the productions of the albums by Alex K (The Last Drive). The next album, Just a Burn (2004), was the last that Argy played the drums, although the band had a drummer (Costas, a.k.a. Digital Alchemist) for the live shows. This album was a big opportunity to grow the bands' fan base, and its success was a big step for their next album Superfreak (2009) which was released by the American label MeteorCity.

Nightstalker Band Members / Musicians
1994 SideFx
1996 Use
2000 The Ritual
2004 Just a Burn
2009 Superfreak
2012 Dead Rock Commandos
2016 As Above, So Below
2019 Great Hallucinations

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