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Our Lady Peace - Gravity (2002)

Our Lady Peace - Gravity (2002)

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "All For You"   4:14

2. "Do You Like It"   3:58

3. "Somewhere Out There"   4:11

4. "Innocent"   3:42

5. "Made of Steel"   3:41

6. "Not Enough"   4:33

7. "Sell My Soul"   4:20

8. "Sorry"   3:18

9. "Bring Back the Sun"   5:11

10. "A Story About a Girl"   4:18

Total length:   41:27

Limited edition bonus DVD

"Naveed" (live) - 6:47

"Whatever" (live) - 4:02

"Starseed" (live) - 7:38

"4 AM" (live) - 5:01

"Somewhere Out There" (music video)

"Innocent" (music video)

"On the Road" (live video clip, directed by Micha Dahan)

Our Lady Peace Band Members / Musicians

Duncan Coutts - bass guitar

Jamie Edwards - keyboards, guitars, string arrangements

Raine Maida - vocals

Steve Mazur - guitars on "Do You Like It", "Somewhere Out There", "Made of Steel", "Not Enough", & "Sell My Soul"

Jeremy Taggart - drums

Mike Turner - rhythm guitar on "All For You", "Innocent", "Sorry", "Bring Back the Sun", & "A Story About a Girl"

Additional string arrangements by Bob Buckley

Zach Blackstone - assistant mixer

Mike Gillies - digital engineering and editing

Eric Helmkamp - 2nd engineer

George Marino - master

Bob Rock - producer

Randy Staub - mixer

Gravity is the 5th studio album by the Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace. It was released on June 18, 2002 by Columbia Records in North America. The album became a worldwide success, charting highly both in Canada and the United States with the hit singles "Somewhere Out There" and "Innocent".

The album title, Gravity, was inspired by the chorus lyrics "Falling back to me, defying gravity" from the track "Somewhere Out There". At the time of the album's release, OLP drummer Jeremy Taggart said that Gravity was "by far [their] best album".

Gravity was the first album to feature new guitarist, Steve Mazur, who replaced Mike Turner in 2002 after the latter's departure, due to the band feeling limited by Mike Turner's guitar abilities in the studio. Despite Turner's departure, he appears on half the tracks on the album, having recorded parts for several songs prior to his departure. This was also their last album with musician Jamie Edwards, who had performed on two prior albums and was briefly an official member, but left the band soon after the album's completion.

It is the band's first album not to be produced by their original producer, Arnold Lanni, who produced the band's previous four studio albums. The band originally wanted Lanni to produce their fifth album but he was busy working with Simple Plan and the band instead chose Bob Rock; he also produced their next album.

The album was originally to be a live album based on the Spiritual Machines tour with three new tracks, however, Bob Rock then asked the band if they would like to work on an entire full-length studio album which the band accepted.

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