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Quicksilver Messenger Service - Comin' Thru (1972)

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Comin' Thru (1972)

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Side one

"Doin' Time in the U.S.A." (Gary Duncan) – 4:15

"Chicken" (Traditional, arranged by Dino Valenti) – 4:03

"Changes" (Valenti) – 4:15

"California State Correctional Facility Blues" (Valenti, Duncan, Greg Elmore, Chuck Steaks) – 6:10

Side two

"Forty Days" (Valenti, Duncan, Elmore) – 5:31

"Mojo" (Valenti) – 5:34

"Don't Lose It" (Duncan, Valenti) – 5:57

Quicksilver Messenger Service Band Members / Musicians

Dino Valenti – vocals, guitar, congas

Gary Duncan – guitar, vocals

Chuck Steaks – organ

Mark Ryan – bass

Greg Elmore – drums

Ken Balzell – trumpet

Dalton Smith – trumpet

Bud Brisbois – trumpet

Pat O'Hara – trombone

Charles C. Loper – trombone

Sonny Lewis – saxophone

Donald Menza – saxophone

Comin' Thru is the 7th album by American psychedelic rock band Quicksilver Messenger Service. It is generally regarded as their weakest effort, and more or less marked the end of Quicksilver as anything other than a part-time band.

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